Calculation of doors for the wardrobe

Sliding wardrobes have long become an integral part of modern apartments because of their functionality and convenience. Due to the fact that no additional space is required to open the doors, it is convenient to use cabinets even in the narrowest corridor. This provoked a wave of occurrence of firms that install such valves, but due to the specificity of the work, their prices greatly exceed the cost of materials. Therefore, before ordering a service, you should try to create the doors yourself. How to make the calculation of the size of the door coupe, we will tell you in this article.

Preparation for calculations

Before you start using formulas for calculation, you need to get the exact values ​​of the opening. This will require a tape measure of the desired length, as well as a stepladder or scaffolding. The measurements are best done together, otherwise there are difficulties with the determination of values ​​when the measurement is carried out on weight. For one person you will need a laser range finder.

Often in the openings there are imperceptible to the eye violations, so for each value there are three measurements.

Doorway Measurement Sequence


  1. At floor level;
  2. Opening under the ceiling;
  3. Aperture in the center.


  1. Height next to the left wall;
  2. Near the right wall;
  3. In the middle.

After receiving all the values, choose the smallest dimensions from them. They will be taken as the basis of the aperture when installing vertical and horizontal systems racks.

Number of doors

After all the initial values ​​are known, the number of sliding doors must be determined. There is a standard scale of one door, which is considered the most convenient and used by manufacturers of popular systems (senator, starke, etc.) - 45-55 cm. It will be inconvenient to use narrower ones, and for wide ones additional guides will be required. It must be remembered that the larger the door of the compartment, the heavier the canvas, making it difficult to move.

In order to find out the number of doors, it is necessary to divide the opening width by 50. The result will allow you to know the approximate number of leaves, but for the exact width of the compartment doors, additional calculations are needed.

Formulas for calculation

When it became known the number of doors, you can proceed to the detailed calculations of the height, width and thickness of the doors. To do this, you need to know the additional parameters:

  1. The size of the upper profile, including its height and the depth of the groove;
  2. Lower profile (height and depth of the slit);
  3. Side profiles (if planned);
  4. Type and parameters of the handle.

In the video: the calculation of the door coupe for example of well-known manufacturers.


The height of the sliding door coupe can be obtained by the following formula: the size of the opening - the sum of the height of the upper and lower guides + the sum of the depth of the grooves.The result is required to be reduced by 1-1.4 cm (depending on the depth of the groove of the upper profile). This is done in order to install the doors in the mounted system. The results of calculations are suitable for guides the most popular manufacturers.


  • Floor to ceiling 250 cm;
  • Lower guide 0.6 cm, groove 0.4 cm;
  • Upper guide 4 cm, groove 2.8 cm.

The result will be:
250 - (0.6 + 4) + (0.4 + 2.8) -1.4 = 247.2 cm

When there is a small digit after the decimal point, the value can be made equal to a smaller digit, this will not affect the quality of the door. If the value approaches the upper digit, you can add a few millimeters. The coupe door will be slightly harder to install, but it will not affect ease of use.

Coupe Width

Once you have decided on the height of the doors of the wardrobe compartment, you must calculate the width of the doors by the formulas:

  1. The length of the opening / number of doors of the wardrobe compartment = size of the leaf
  2. The size of the leaf + handle size / 2


  • The length of the opening 1200;
  • 2 shutters;
  • Pen 14.

1200 / 2=600
600 + 14/2 = 607

That is, the compartment door in length should be at least 60.7 cm. But it is best to take the maximum value of 62 cm to facilitate installation work. By adding the size of the handle, the doors in the closed form will be located in the overlap.

Canvas calculation

In order to determine the maximum area of ​​the canvas, you need to know the width of the handle, and the depth of its grooves. The formula for calculating doors coupe: door length - handle width * 2 + groove depth * 2.


  • Length 607;
  • Width 14;
  • Groove depth 9.

607 - 14*2 + 9*2 = 597

The height of the canvas can be calculated by the formula: up sash size - horizontal profile * 2 + profile slots * 2.


  • Shutter 2472;
  • Profile 10;
  • Grooves 8.

2472 - 10*2 +8*2 = 2468

The maximum width of the canvas will be 59.7 cm, height 246.8 cm, but builders recommend reducing it by the size of the rubber gasket that will be between the chipboard and the profile. If you do not plan to use a rubber liner, you should reduce the size by 1-2 mm.

Identify guides

For the doors to overlap, and not interfere with each other, it is necessary that the rear rail be removed from the front for the calculated result: the thickness of the handle is the external width of the notch + 2 mm.


  • Thickness 34;
  • Width 16.

34 - 16 +2 = 20

The maximum space between the guides of the two doors of the compartment should be 20 mm. This will allow the sliding flaps to fit snugly, closing the sliding wardrobe, but the cover will not wear off when moving. The upper guides have wider slots, which is why they do not need to be additionally calculated. The main thing is that the width of the recess was slightly larger than the handle.

From the article it becomes clear that such furniture as a wardrobe is quite easy to acquire. But first you need to make accurate measurements and calculations so that you do not have to change something during installation. If you approach the matter responsibly, following all the rules, it will be convenient to use the cabinet.

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