How to repair the entrance door yourself: elimination of defects, installation and noise insulation

It is very annoying when, after some time, the entrance door of the house is functioning, the consumer observes certain violations: misalignment, loose fit or defects in decoration. Contemplating these manifestations, it is tempting to replace the door with a new one. But do not rush to conclusions, because you can try to fix the problems that have appeared. This decision is justified, since many defects are easily eliminated. It also helps to save money.

Door repair

Doors are subdivided into several types both in structure and in material. The repair work of each type has its own characteristics.


Metal doors are considered one of the most reliable structures, but despite this, sometimes due to some reasons also need to be repaired. Consider what defects can occur, and how they can be eliminated.

Door skew

This drawback is immediately visible - scratching the threshold, when closing it is necessary to make an effort, in cold weather there is a violation of the insulation and sound insulation. All these violations may occur as a result of various factors.

The main reasons for the skewed door:

  • The canvas has sagged with time. The weight of the iron door is quite large, and the hinges do not correspond in their strength, hence the bias. It is quite difficult to eliminate such a drawback, but it’s worth a try. To do this, carefully cut off the old loops and try to change them to new ones.

  • The hinges worn out over time. In this case, the repair described above is possible, but this method will not be possible if the hinges are welded to the structure.

  • The door frame is twisted. You can fix the situation with the help of wedges that are driven in under the base of the box.


Metal doors are corrosive, especially at the bottom of the door leaf. To eliminate the defects of the coating, it is necessary to perform a number of measures for their restoration:

1. Treat the surface with a metal brush to remove rust and old coating. Using an emery paper to do the surface cleaning.

2. A special solvent is used to treat the canvas for degreasing the surface, after which the putty for metal removes all damage and again removes it, covers it with a primer, preferably from aerosol cans.

4. After that put new layers of varnish or paint. Before you apply the second layer, you must wait until the first one is completely dry.


After installing the wooden door the owners completely forget that the construction requires constant maintenance, and absolutely do not pay attention to it. And only when the first creak or difficulties with closing is heard, they realize that everything is neglected. If you do not take action, then over time will have to change the door.

Typical harbingers of a wooden door in need of repair:

  • sagging of the web and scratching the floor;
  • the appearance of squeak;
  • loop relaxation;
  • problems when closing the door, poorly in the box;
  • cracking and cracking;
  • violations of the decorative coating;
  • problems with the box.

Troubleshoot the box

Shaking the box is usually eliminated by performing the following plan:

1. The design is released from the platbands and door leaf.

2. Through the level, actions are performed to level the box and fix it with wedges.

3. In the side parts of the structure, 2-3 holes are drilled with a certain recess in the wall. Pits of hard wood or steel pins are put in the holes and clog them.

5. The door leaf is hung on the hinges again, and the backing boards are attached (use a level when installing them).

Loop Problems

In the event that there is a graze on the door sill, weak fastening, reeling, this is a signal of hinge problems. It is necessary to make an assessment of their condition and decide what is needed for troubleshooting: complete replacement, adjustment, or their movement to a new location.

Here is a list of several options for solving problems with loops:

  • Checked fasteners loops, especially the top. If the fasteners are loose, sometimes it is enough just to tighten the screws with a screwdriver.
  • If the canvas sags quite a bit, then you can return it to its original position by means of a dense wire ring on the loop.
  • You can try to deepen the notch under the loop in the door frame.
  • If the listed methods did not solve the problem, then it is better to change the loops.

The appearance of cracks on the surface of the door

A common occurrence in wooden doors is the appearance of cracks, chips or scratches on the surface. They can be completely repaired independently, although the process is quite time consuming. This option of renewing the surface of the door leaf is available to almost every consumer, both in terms of cost and the process of performing the work.

Restoration works are performed according to the following algorithm:

1. The door is dismantled. The canvas is laid in a convenient place, it is better to lay a covering film on the floor.

2. Old finish is removed from the surface. Here come to the aid of sandpaper of varying degrees of abrasiveness, special tools for washing the paint or building a hairdryer.

3. Carried out a full grinding door leaf. For this purpose, both manual and machine methods are used. In the first case, you can use sandpaper, in the second - a sander. The latter option is less labor intensive.

4. With the help of putty on the tree eliminates all defects. After complete drying of the material, sanding is repeated.

5. Finishing. The process of priming and dyeing paint or varnish.

How to install the front door

Buying a door of even the highest quality, it is impossible to guarantee complete security if it was installed with violations. There are cases when uninvited guests, unable to cope with the locks, simply removed the door along with the door frame. When installing the door, we adhere to the main rule - there are no trifles, it is better to be patient, but to carry out everything qualitatively.

Important! Before you select and purchase the door, you should correctly perform the doorway measurements. The design is purchased with dimensions less than the dimensions of the opening by 25 mm.

Preparation for installation

Before you install the entrance metal door to the apartment, you should prepare for work. For a successful event you will need the following tools:

  • impeller, drill, hammer drill;
  • device to check the level, plumb;
  • yardstick;
  • hammer;
  • wedges, anchors;
  • polyurethane foam.

Dismantling the old door

Replacing the front door in the apartment requires the release of the opening in the wall from the old one. To do this, perform the following actions:

  • Door leaf is removed from the hinges. To do this, use a crowbar, if the hinges are detachable. If welded, it is necessary to unscrew the screws or cut the impeller.

  • The wooden door frame is disassembled as follows: first, all screws, nails and anchors are removed, then the side parts of the box are cut with a hacksaw and pressed to the middle with a crowbar. The resulting parts are simply removed.

  • Iron box dismantle a little more difficult. To do this, use the impeller, with which you need to cut all fasteners, and then remove the box. In this case, the finish of the doorway suffers.

Preparing the doorway

After dismantling the box, it is necessary to assess the condition of the doorway. In case of need, the ends are aligned and the damaged surfaces are plastered. There are cases when the doorway has to be expanded. In this case, the turbine and perforator will come to the rescue again.

Ways of fixing the door frame

Installing the door, it is quite inconvenient to perform all the work alone. Entrance doors are mostly metal and have considerable weight, so you need to think in advance about the assistant. After we are morally prepared, we determine the mounting system: through the holes in the profile of the box or using mounting plates.

Fastening through the holes in the box profile

Fastening through the holes is used in the case when the design is deepened in the doorway. But, the latest models of metal doors already at the production stage suggest holes for anchors. In the configuration are themselves anchor size. Otherwise, in the absence of all these elements, you must stock up with a welding machine.

To install the door in this way will need such anchor

Work order:

1. Initially, the door is exposed to the level and fixed with struts.
2. Next, in the right places, grabbing a part of the wall, in each side part you need to prepare three holes.
3. After that, steel rods are driven in, the length of which is 12 cm.
4. The visible ends of the rod are welded to the metal frame of the door frame.
5. In cases where the holes already exist, after placing and leveling the door anchor is mounted.
6. After a secure fastening, the distance between the opening and the box is to blow out the mounting foam.

Fastening with mounting plates

The most common type of door installation is the fastening of the box to the doorway using metal plates. Plates are located on the outer part of the box. On each side, three pieces.

Important! This method of attachment can be used only in cases where the doorframe from the inside of the apartment becomes flush with the wall.

Installation Instructions:

1. The doorway is cleared of dirt and dust, and the door is exposed to the level and pre-fixed with wedges.
2. Each plate has a hole. Through it, holes are made in the wall using a perforator or a drill. Then steel rods are driven into them up to 15 cm in length, the ends of which uncoil. Instead of steel rods, you can use an anchor.
3. After the door is pre-secured with rods and wedges, the function of the door must be checked. It should fit snugly to the box, close and open freely.
4. Moisturize the armhole and use mounting foam to seal the gap between the box and the opening.

When to install the door when repairing an apartment

When installing the door with their own hands the owners often have a question at what stage of the repair work to perform installation work. In this regard, we give some tips:

  • It is better to install only after the walls are completely ready for finishing.
  • Installation of the door is carried out when all the work on the arrangement of the subfloor.
  • Upon completion of work related to the creation of high humidity in the apartment. This is especially true of wood and MDF.
  • Installation can be carried out at any time of the year. The main condition is an optimal indoor climate.

Soundproofing doors

Creating coziness and comfort in an apartment without good sound insulation of the door is simply impossible. In order that in a dwelling there should not be heard any other sounds from the landing, we think over a way to protect ourselves from them. The process of protection from unnecessary noise can partially solve the problem of thermal insulation.


For high-quality soundproofing doors in the apartment, you must select the correct material. Today there is a good assortment.

Imagine the main characteristics of some noise insulation options:

  • Mineral wool. It has a high degree of fire safety. The disadvantages include the ability to subside after a while. To partially eliminate the deficiency, additional stiffeners are mounted on the door.

  • Styrofoam. Pretty lightweight material for a reasonable price. Perfectly preserves the primary form. Recently, one of the most popular materials in the manufacture of doors.

  • Polyurethane foam. By fire safety it is equal to mini wool, but it perfectly keeps its shape and fits tightly to the surface.

  • Corrugated board. The representative of poor-quality materials used in the manufacture of cheap doors from China. When self-soundproofing is not recommended.

Another element that is necessary for sound insulation - silicone seal, which is mounted around the perimeter of the door.

Trim removal

Work begins with the removal of exterior trim. This may be dermatin or skin. Initially, all the nails are pulled out. Then gradually and carefully remove the material around the perimeter of the door. For decorative trim sheet removed from fiberboard and hardboard. Begin to prepare the surface for installation of sound insulation.

Surface preparation

Surface preparation is reduced to processing it with a solvent. Rag moisten them and wipe the door leaf. Remember to wear gloves to protect your skin from chemical exposure.

Soundproofing Laying

Sound insulation material is laid over the entire area of ​​the doorway. It should fit snugly to the edges, and the seams in the middle are sealed with sealant.

How and what to fasten materials to the canvas

Before sticking noise insulation, the canvas is originally glued with bitumen sheets. They fit snugly to the surface on one side and allow for reliable fixation of the insulation. The same material is mounted on the removed sheet of fiberboard.

Completion of work

After the material is reliably fixed along the borders of the panels, decorative strips are fixed that will hide the unevenness of the cuts. Seams are sealed between the door frame and the panel, and a seal is mounted.

As you can see, most of the problems associated with breaking the door and replacing it can be solved independently. All the presented tips in this article will come to the rescue.

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