Ladder on a metal frame: features of manufacturing and wood paneling

The ladder on the metal frame can be the main decoration in the house, if its construction is done by hand. At the same time, it is not necessary to construct it completely from metal, to do with metal steps and railings. The main building is based on a metal frame to give strength and reliability of the planned structure. Steps made of solid wood will serve as well as metal, will give a special originality, decoration and comfort.

Modern construction technologies have provided different types of stairs, and for each of them there is a specially designed fastener. The wooden staircase on a metal frame leads in decorative and democratic value. It is of exceptional strength, and each owner with his hands and head will find more than a hundred ways to make it beautiful and original, with wooden details.

Types of frame

The staircase in the house implies only two common types in a private building: it can be placed on a metal frame or on a wooden frame. Preference is given mainly to buildings on a metal frame, and not only because of its special strength, but also because industrial production produces structures on a prefabricated metal frame. And they are quite easy and simple to assemble with your own hands.

If a staircase is planned in the house, it is possible to pick up frame models in any required variant and without any problems make installation. And if the house is conceived in the original style and the required parameters are not present, the metal frame can always be ordered at a private enterprise.

There are several types of metal frames for the stairs. We list the main ones:

  • On kosourah. This option assumes the presence of one or two bearing supports on which the steps are mounted. In the first case, the kosour is located in the middle of the flight of stairs, in the second - two kosour at both ends of the steps.

  • On the string. This is no less common version of the frame, where two bearing supports are located on the sides of the flight of stairs and are channels or strong plates made of sheet metal. This design is reliable, but difficult to install.

  • On the Bolzah. There are no supporting elements at all; instead, special bolts are used on which the steps are fixed. Externally, this staircase looks easy, as if floating in the air.

  • Screw type The frame is a support post to which the steps are fastened in a circle. From the outer edge of the step can also be fixed on the bow or string.

Also frame ladders can be open and closed. Their calculation is approximately the same when it comes to one march. However, in the first case, the ladder has a more compact size, this is due to the fact that there is no need to completely close the metal frame.

Open type models look modern, but harmoniously fit only in such interior styles as modern and high-tech.

The manufacture of enclosed structures provides for a more complex structure, with carefully trimmed steps, design, certain interior features, and carefully thought-out elements designed to hide the frame and fixture.

Main advantages

A metal ladder installed in the house, or on a sturdy metal frame with wooden elements, provides several advantages:

  • the possibility of high-quality repair at the slightest sign of problems;
  • durability and increased strength (even when using wooden steps);
  • decoration, which can be given with the help of parts made of forged metal or wood;
  • stability and safety of structures provided with a metal base.

Calculation of the stairs

The calculation of the building to be lifted should be made from the moment of the beginning of the building construction. For this you need:

  • Make a special ceiling hole during construction, into which the staircase will be directed.
  • Provide the necessary parameters for entry, if the construction is planned on a metal purchase standard frame.
  • When choosing an angular structure, take into account the wall as a support, then the installation will be relatively simple.
  • To calculate a two- or three-marsh ladder, take into account not only the height and number of steps, but also the landings or turntable steps.

When calculating it is necessary to take into account the requirements that apply to metal staircase structures:

  • The width of the flight should be at least 90 centimeters. For the simultaneous passage of two people optimal performance from 120 to 150 cm.

  • It is necessary to make the correct calculations of the angle of the march. The most optimal value is from 30 to 45 degrees.

  • For ease of movement, calculations are made of the height and depth of the steps. According to the existing practice, the first parameter should be in the range of 15-20 cm. The depth of the steps is made for the length of the foot - from 20 to 30 cm.

  • It is also necessary to make load calculations. The minimum weight that a steel structure must withstand is 100 kg.

Manufacturing frame

The manufacture of a metal frame under the force of those who own the welding technique. But to mount the base under the ladder of metal is fraught with many difficulties, a large amount of work and options for unsuccessful calculations. Therefore, the supporting structure, which was made in the form of a designer by more technically equipped people with experience in this, is much more preferable.

When making an independent frame, first of all you should think about the welding machine. Without such equipment to do the work with their own hands will be impossible.

Before starting welding, create a drawing or sketch of the frame for the future ladder. The choice of configuration will depend on the intended installation location, the size of the opening and the free space in the room. Metal frame on kosourah - the most preferred and easiest to manufacture option. Below is an example of a similar design.

First we make blanks. The most needed corners. They are cut to size. Manufacturing of fillies is performed - these are the nodes that will hold the steps. Fillers are welded from the corners, the result should be a construction in the form of the letter "G".

The resulting blanks need to be welded to the two guides in the form of U-shaped channels. As a result, such a construction with ready-made attachment points under the steps should turn out.

After the places for mounting the steps are ready, it is necessary to fix the march itself. Kosoura need to be welded on top with anchors, which are fixed to the interfloor overlap. The lower end is installed on the supporting platform, imbedded in the floor of the first floor.

To better understand how to make a metal frame, we recommend that you watch the training video presented at the end of the article.

Mount steps on the frame

This is one of the ways not only to achieve higher reliability of the staircase design, but also to hide the metal fastener parts, to make the product decorative. There are different ways of fastening wooden steps, the choice of one or another option depends on the type of construction of the metal frame - on one or two skids.

Each wooden step is attached to the steel stand with bolts, the heads of the latter are embedded in the board, filled with glue and closed with wooden stoppers.

Plating installation

The final installation of the cladding to give the building strength and decorativeness depends on the appearance of the stairs provided for in the project. Otherwise, it all depends on individual preferences, skills and abilities, the chosen decor and the type of wood. The more decorative parts are provided for, the more difficult the installation process will be, and the more protective measures will be required to preserve the wooden paneling.

If desired, the metal frame of the stairs can be hidden completely, for this you will need to install not only steps (treads), but also the risers, sidewalls behind which kosouri will hide.

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