Combining a room with a balcony: 9 steps to the ideal

Long gone are the days when the balcony in the house was a warehouse for things left in case. Design a room with a balcony or loggia is of particular importance, because there are several options for decoration. Now the space of a balcony or a loggia is an additional meter, designed for a comfortable life. From the kitchen connected to the balcony, you can get a luxurious space that combines dining room, kitchen and terrace. However, additional square meters for any room bear the possibility of interior design, expanding living space and the potential for a creative approach to development.


What will be the style of the room, is solved quickly enough, but what to do with the extra meters of space during repairs in the house is not always clear.

There are only two fundamental ways to create a design of a room and a balcony:

  • The room and the balcony are separate rooms, each of which has its own purpose, the interior design does not overlap.
  • Room and balcony - a common space. Combined balcony (loggia) and the room are designed to solve problems of one room, the design of the common space is designed in the same style.

For the first option, usually cardinal alterations are not done. Enough to work on the balcony, if you want to glaze it and make repairs according to the intended design. The room is also designed in an independent style, and the room performs its functions. Well, when both rooms are rectangular in shape - in such a space quite a lot can be placed.

In the second design, which requires the combination of two spaces, it is necessary to carry out work not only on redevelopment, but also to choose visual ways of combining the two rooms into one. Here come to the aid design techniques that can organically connect the area.

Individual spaces

If the plans do not involve the question of connecting the balcony zone to the adjoining room, then for adjacent rooms, the style and design of their own choice is chosen. This may be a classic in a different color, or radically different directions of design. If there is a rest corner on the balcony, then the Mediterranean style is fine. Easy to perform, imbued with a sunny mood, involving a large number of colors, rattan or wrought-iron furniture, he will transform the space of the balcony into an oasis, where it is pleasant to relax in the summer afternoon.

It is possible that the house is extremely necessary, albeit a small one, an office or a library, and how convenient is the workshop, equipped in a separate area. Functional purpose requires its own approach to the style, design and materials used. But there is a common choice for all variety.

Whatever style and purpose is chosen, there is a mandatory work, after which you can use the balcony or loggia all year round. To use the balcony space in the cold season, it makes sense to warm it up: make a warm floor, carry out wall cladding, glaze the outer space with a high-quality metal-plastic profile. The issue of lighting will be relevant: several scenarios will not only add comfort and coziness, but also allow for the economical use of resources.

If you have separate rooms in the house - the best choice, regardless of the use of balcony space, carry out work on sound insulation and be sure to warm the space outside the window of the room: winter will be much more comfortable and warmer. In the rectangular shape of the balcony space, several zones are created, conditionally divided according to their functional purpose. For example, the zone farthest from the entrance can be used as a winter garden. The rest of the rectangular balcony, located in the immediate vicinity of the door, is intended for private or family holidays.

On the balcony you can put a chair, coffee table, a few soft ottomans.

Extra meters for life

Having decided to combine the room and the adjacent balcony into a single whole, you need to be prepared for certain investments, and in the event of a cardinal re-planning, coordination with state regulatory authorities will be needed. Documentation must not only be prepared, but also approved in several instances, which takes a considerable amount of time. But the result will definitely please!

Conceiving a single style for a common new space, pay attention to the draft work, which is the key to future successful transformations. Before starting the work of combining, determine the type of house in which you have to do repairs.

Panel, brick or wooden house have their own nuances for the initial work. In the panel house interpanel seams are the biggest problem. Works on their termination is better to entrust professionals. Check the floor in the room of the balcony and doing warming do not disregard the so-called "cold bridges".

Without having worked hard-to-reach places, seams or disregarding the damage to surfaces, getting a warm space will not work. Moreover, it will become uncomfortable on a much larger area: you can simply close the door to a separate balcony, and in general, the combined space will make it impossible to remain in principle, and no style or design will correct the situation.

9 steps of combining

Each work is divided into stages.

The combination of the room and the balcony has a number of actions, the sequence of which is obligatory:

  • Audit of a condition of floors in the room and on a balcony.
  • Dismantle of the window and balcony block.
  • Installation of energy-saving glazing.
  • Insulation of external walls.
  • Installation of the "warm floor" in the area of ​​the former balcony.
  • Design and implementation of lighting.
  • Solve the issue with the possibility of dismantling the front part of the balcony. In brick houses, the partition can be completely removed, in panel constructions it is absolutely impossible to dismantle the window sill, therefore a plan is needed on how to “fit” a low partition into the overall concept of the room design.
  • Choose a way to visually combine spaces. In a rectangular room, strive to do everything to visually expand the room. In a panel house, this is more difficult to do, since the supporting structures are larger.
  • A common problem of combining a balcony and a rectangular room is the threshold, especially in a panel house. It is not possible to remove it, but it is quite acceptable to use it as a zoning element. When combining a balcony with a kitchen, it will easily demarcate the space between the kitchen and the dining room, and in the bedroom it will mark the border between two functional areas.

Comfort above all

What will be the total space of the joint balcony and room depends on the functionality, taste, style, materials selected. But in any case, with such a space, there are more chances to get an interesting design solution in terms of geometry, zoning capabilities and purpose.

Qualitatively carried out works will create basic comfort, and decorative delights will allow you to individualize the space. In any case, the space of the former balcony will be slightly separated from the room and this becomes an opportunity for a creative approach to playing around the space.

Putting a low rattan or Chinese screen in the place of combining the room and balcony, you can regulate the flow of daylight into the room by hanging light cotton curtains, the space gets a portion of mystery, oriental charm. Flowers and domestic plants feel great on the glassed-in panoramic balcony, but if the windows face the sunny side, then in summer a lot of sun is a problem. It is necessary to attend to and install blinds or shutters.

External shutters will solve another problem, only in winter time: the piercing winter wind, especially on the upper floors, will not affect the state of health or the temperature inside the house. One has only to close a dense roll, and no drafts are not terrible, the peace and quiet of a cozy winter evening are guaranteed to all family members.

Making your home do not disregard the balcony or loggia. Combining a room with an adjoining balcony expands the living space, lets in more light and gives the house more functionality. Study the issue in detail and it does not matter in which house it is necessary to carry out work: panel, brick or wooden.

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