Kitchen arrangement on the balcony: preparation and redevelopment

Soviet Khrushchev houses, and apartments in high-rise buildings of a later period have tiny kitchens, with small windows overlooking the balcony. As a result, in a small room gets a draft and cold. Loggias and balconies in the conditions of our winters are used irregularly and turn into a warehouse of unnecessary things. They can be used to expand living space. Spacious loggias can turn into separate rooms. In this article you will learn how to make a kitchen on the balcony.


Modern finishing materials and technologies allow converting a room into a spacious bright kitchen. On the Internet there are many photos of such redevelopment. Before you make changes in the panel house, you need to coordinate them with the design organization. Otherwise all actions will be illegal.

To begin with, your restructuring plan must be shown in the BTI. There they will say whether it will not harm the general framework of the structure and whether it is possible to carry out the planned redevelopment. Then the plan is coordinated with the services of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, SES. This is necessary in order not to damage the general house communications during the dismantling of the wall. Then the project is presented to the housing office. Here will be given permission to transfer the kitchen to the balcony. After completion of all works, the commission legalizes the redevelopment of the premises by an act.


At this stage, it is necessary to decide whether the subwindow part of the wall with the heating battery will remain or be removed. If you do not have experience in designing, it is better to consult a specialist and involve him in drawing up a project.

You should also choose materials for warming the balcony wall. The project should take into account all the nuances of the new premises - electrical outlets, the transfer of water supply and sewage. Reinforced heating system on the thin outer wall of the balcony should provide a comfortable temperature. It is necessary to make calculations for the power of heating devices.

If the kitchen is completely transferred to the balcony, you need to take care of its careful warming. Electric heating can be installed both in the floor and in the ceiling. Electrical appliances are installed along the perimeter of the walls.

Glazing of the balcony opening is carried out by three-chamber packages of plastic windows in order to avoid the formation of ice and condensate on the glasses.

Wall insulation

It is important that the heat goes inside the room, and not to the street through a thin wall. Carefully warm the floor, walls, ceiling of the new premises. Particular attention is paid to the sealing of seams, cracks, holes. Modern high-quality insulation foam plastics, penofol, foam give a good effect. They are stacked in a thick layer (look at the photo). Outside, the facade is also hermetically sealed. Stationary house heating is expensive, troublesome and inefficient to carry out on the balcony. You can make a warm floor in the screed. Along the perimeter of the new premises to arrange electric convectors. They are economical in electricity consumption.

Use the space in the new room can be different. If you place a dining area there, then you will not have to rearrange the stove. If in the balcony part to equip the working area (see photo), then you should place a cutting table, stove and refrigerator. Installing a gas stove will be problematic. We'll have to limit the electrical panel. The decoration of the walls, floor and ceiling is combined with the main room.

Features redevelopment

When agreeing on a project to re-equip a BTI room, it is more often possible to dismantle a balcony door, window and a pier under it, as shown in the photo. It remains a rectangular arch, which is strengthened with a metal frame. If the wall under the window is not disassembled, it can be used under the bottom of the worktop of the cutting table or under the bar counter. Warm balcony walls sheathed with plasterboard. It is an additional heat-saving material. For the floor, you can use all the traditional materials - ceramic tiles, linoleum, parquet, wood.

When re-planning, a half-dark window that opens onto a balcony is replaced with a wide panoramic window across the entire wall of the balcony, as shown in the photo. The abundance of light on sunny days saves on heating.

A long outer wall will conveniently accommodate both a cooktop, and an oven, and a cutting table with a cupboard. A refrigerator should be placed against the side wall, and on the opposite wall should be hung spacious kitchen and food cabinets.

Extra space is small. It should be issued in bright colors, so that there is a feeling of greater spaciousness. Light colors visually increase the area of ​​the room. Wide windows can be covered with straw blinds or Roman curtains.

Moving the kitchen to the balcony

For a small family of three, a kitchen that can fit six square meters of balcony space will be enough. Consider one of the options for redevelopment.

Cutting table will be located along the window. It should also be equipped with a sink, and if space permits, you can connect a dishwasher. Install the hob on the cabinet near the desktop. At the end of the room is better to accommodate a refrigerator. You can also take it to the balcony, as shown in the photo. The dining area can be arranged on the place of the pier, if part of the wall under the former kitchen window is not disassembled. On it to establish a beautiful table-top, and on both sides to place 3-4 high chairs. Such a bar can also replace the dining table.

After dismantling the balcony door, the window and the pier remains a rectangular opening. After strengthening the frame, it can be issued in the form of a semicircular or rectangular arch. This will be a natural element of space zoning, which will harmoniously fit into any design style. The arch can be decorated with light curtain.

With this version of the transfer of kitchens, difficulties may arise with the transfer of communications to the balcony, with the installation of a sewage outlet in a new place. All these points need to be coordinated at the design stage. Hood on the balcony should have special valves. To install even electric stoves, you must obtain the consent of the service company. Ignoring these approvals can lead to impressive fines and the dismantling of an already equipped room.

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