Small rooms: interior design rules (+50 photos)

Making the interior of a small room is not so easy, because you want to make it both functional and beautiful.

Simple rules will help make the design of a small room perfect.

Small rooms can be found in apartments and private houses, in the metropolis and small town. Often they are almost empty because it is difficult to imagine a sought-after room, with a minimum area of ​​free space.

But photos of small rooms with a properly decorated interior show that such rooms can be used for their intended purpose. The main thing is to decorate the interior correctly and select only the really necessary pieces of furniture that can bring comfort and coziness to every corner.

Golden rules for small spaces

In modern apartments and houses a small room can be allocated to the living room, kitchen, bedroom or any other room. It is not always possible to re-equip an apartment and tear down a pair of unnecessary walls to make it more spacious and bright. Yes, and not always in this need.

A competent design approach will help even an apartment with small rooms to make an excellent room for a pleasant stay. It is necessary to do everything so that the space of the small room was filled with light, literally breathing spaciousness.

The greatest enemies of small squares are darkness and isolation.

To achieve such an effect of a spacious room is simple. It is necessary to make the room as bright as possible. This will help the walls, furniture, high-bay lighting and other design elements. Photos of the most successful interiors of small rooms show that light colors visually increase the space, deceiving perception. It is worth making all the surfaces a light finish: walls, ceiling, floor.

One of the walls of a small room can be distinguished. For this fit decorative plaster or wallpaper. This technique is best used on the wall opposite the door. Landscapes depicted on the photo wallpapers - an excellent technique that allows even more effective to deceive the mind. A photo of large spaces takes you to another, more spacious place. A great option - stretch walls. Better to choose glossy.

You can not glue wallpaper with small prints. It is better to let it be wide vertical stripes or large elements. This interior is a classic, which means it will ennoble the room.

A large art object will divert attention from the size of the room and, paradoxically, will help the room to appear larger.

How to make a window

Another economical and profitable way to make the space bigger is to place small parts in it. For example - bamboo curtains on the window. A small element of the decor makes the space visually large. Especially, if it is placed in a room symmetrically. A window with a rectangular curtain in the center of the wall focuses attention on the remaining area. It can be light fabric shutters or blinds.

It is not necessary to decorate the window in a small room with long wide curtains or curtains to the floor. They will decorate the interior of a large room, but with a small one everything will be the other way around.

Heavy curtains or light curtains in the floor visually absorb all the free space.

Little tricks

As noted earlier, small design elements make the interior more saturated and create a false impression of vast space.

Decor and additions that successfully complement the interior:

  • small paintings and photos posted on the walls;
  • a carpet in the center of the room, opening up a significant part of the floor around the perimeter of the walls, it is better to choose an oval or round carpet;
  • small furniture, it would be better to place a neat sofa and a couple of chairs than a large soft corner in the whole room;
  • in such a room should be placed a small chandelier or ceiling.

But it should be remembered that the interior of a small room does not tolerate a pile of objects. They need to be applied carefully and metered. Before you post pictures or photos on the wall, carefully consider their number and location. The same applies to other design elements.

Bright juicy spots in the interior make the room visually smaller. Light inclusions, on the contrary, increase the space.

Important point: Photos, paintings and decorative elements should be bright and neutral.

Thus, black and white photos on walls, light landscapes or futuristic motifs will be ideal options for a small room. The room should be as bright as possible, the atmosphere should be fresh for perception. The most suitable shades are light blue, lime, cream, coffee with milk, peach.

Refrain from using bright furniture of flashy shades. Preference should be given to natural colors. It may be dark brown cabinet furniture, but the elements of textiles should be lighter.

Good shades for furniture - sand, light brown, light gray and beige.

Another advantageous method is the placement of mirrors. It can be a chandelier with mirror elements or furniture with reflective surfaces. The ideal option is a wardrobe on the whole wall with a mirrored door, or inlays of mirrors. Cabinet furniture will not take up much space, solving the problem of placing things and household items.

Even if there is no window in a small room, mirrors will help to solve this problem. Fashionable and convenient option - a fake window of mirrors. It makes the space brighter, being a fairly functional decor item, especially with lighting.

Designer receptions

To make the room seem larger, all the details and objects in it must be streamlined. To do this, you should visually draw smooth lines along and across the room. So the interior is divided into equal parts. Furniture should be placed along these lines, pictures should be hung on the walls, carpet should be laid on the floor.

It is advisable to leave the center of the room free, even if there is a shortage of furniture. Do not clutter the space.

If possible, all household items should be hidden. For this purpose, closed cabinets and niches in upholstered furniture are used. The smaller items in the room, the more it seems. No matter how trite it may sound, but the order significantly increases the free space.

We divide the room into zones

The aesthetic side is of great importance in the design of the room. But we should not forget about the functionality of a small room. You need to initially imagine how it will serve you. Maybe you can do without something, but it’s worth adding something.

Visually break the room into functional areas, decide what furniture will be needed, and then get rid of all the excess. Perhaps the best solution would be multifunctional modular furniture.

Then it is necessary to divide the room into functional zones, and depending on their location place the pieces of furniture, equipment, lighting elements. For example, a recreation area should be separated from the working, at least a small space. The design of each functional area may differ from the next, but the overall color scheme should be the same.

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