Making a small kitchen in Khrushchev (+50 photos)

Design for a small kitchen in Khrushchev important no less than in a large room. After all, how much time we spend in the kitchen? I must admit - a lot. Therefore, the interior of this room deserves special attention. Carefully work out and think through every detail of a small kitchen.

If the area allows, then you can show maximum imagination and equip the kitchen with everything you need. Otherwise, you have to look for a compromise. For example, if the area of ​​your kitchen does not exceed six square meters, and you are the owner of a typical Khrushchev, then the question of organizing the working space can be quite acute. Rooms of this type require a lot of diligence from the designer, experience and professionalism.

For the kitchen, such as Khrushchev, there are several techniques to get the maximum benefit from the minimum space.

Important points

The main purpose of the kitchen in Khrushchev - is cooking. Initially, the layout of the apartments did not provide for a comfortable stay in the room for any other purpose. In addition, during the construction of the so-called Khrushchev, there was not so much household appliances. Now you need to make some efforts to place everything you need here.

Thinking through the interior of a small kitchen area, keep in mind the following nuances:

  1. The dining table is best not to install here. If you nevertheless decided to do this - give preference to a small-sized furniture of rounded shape or products like "transformer".
  1. It is better not to install the door at all, but to prevent the penetration of food odors and vapors into the room, install a powerful hood. If you still need the door - choose a compact model, instead of the usual swing (folding, sliding, etc.).
  1. Choose not too bulky curtains for a small kitchen. Pick up beautiful blinds or Roman shades of light shades.
  1. Pay attention to the practical and functional furniture of small dimensions, with many sliding sections, cabinets, etc.
  1. Do not install pretentious luxurious chandeliers and other volumetric lighting fixtures on the ceiling. The presence of multiple sources of local lighting is welcome.
  1. Prefer light pastel tones. They will visually expand the space of a small kitchen.
  1. Mirror and glass surfaces will create the illusion of volume.

These are just some tricks that will help you decorate the interior of your small, but cozy kitchen in Khrushchev.

Choosing furniture

Prefer ergonomic and functional furniture. For example, acquiring a refrigerator horizontal layout, which can perform in addition to its main function also the role of a table or pedestal. The design of a small room does not allow to realize the most daring ideas. However, even if the area is quite small, you should not despair.

Sliding tables, wall cabinets and shelves, pencil cases, compact side tables are welcome.

The design of such apartments provides furniture type "transformer". If the height of the ceiling allows, you can choose furniture of vertical orientation. Bulky bulky closets are contraindicated for a small room.

Proper lighting

Interior design should include rational lighting, with an emphasis on the work area. In addition to the main ceiling lighting, it is important to install local sources in the form of additional lighting fixtures, panels and so on.

Feature of the interior of such apartments is the need for illusory expansion of space. Sometimes it is possible to do this at the expense of proper lighting, which you should not skimp on.

Color spectrum

If you decide to develop your own interior design for small-sized Khrushchev, then remember one important rule: dark colors visually "move" the walls and bring the floor closer to the ceiling. Dark shades are contraindicated for such apartments. The walls, floor and ceiling in Khrushchev better decorated in neutral colors: beige, pastel blue, pink, lilac, and so on.

Bright colors are also welcome: light green, orange, red, rich yellow, etc. With their help, you can correctly place accents and thereby make the room more comfortable.

Finishing of the floor, walls and ceiling

The best option flooring in Khrushchev - a tile. Fortunately, a wide range of products in the domestic market will allow you to choose the desired type of floor tiles for interior decoration of most modern apartments. The ceiling can be either tensioned or suspended or tiled. Zoning of the space with the help of a special light panel is welcomed. The walls outside the working area can be simply painted, finished using ceramic tiles or decorative plaster.

If the interior design suggests the presence of wallpaper, then it is better to choose a special fiberglass wallpaper. They can be easily washed without damaging the surface.

Use of mirrors

The design of compact apartments or Khrushchev need to carefully consider and work through. It is better to entrust this to a specialist in order to avoid unnecessary expenses and annoying misunderstandings. The interior of a small kitchen should include as much lighting and reflective surfaces as possible. With the help of mirrors, you can trim the ceiling in Khrushchev. Naturally, we are talking about separate areas of the kitchen, for example, the area above the table.

Mirrors will not only make the design of apartments more refined, but also create the illusion of free space.

If none of the tips helped you arrange the design of Khrushchev and make it as cozy and comfortable as possible - it's time to think about the redevelopment of the home. As a variant of the redevelopment of such apartments, the removal of the wall separating the kitchen and living room and the further transformation of housing by the type of studio is provided. Also, the kitchen can be expanded by a loggia, if any.

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