Wall-hung toilet with installation: tips on choosing and installation features

When repairing the toilet, many are faced with such a problem as the replacement of the toilet. Today the market has a large selection of such plumbing. Modern models may have a different design and installation method. The easiest option is to install all the familiar floor toilets. But lately the demand for a suspended toilet with an installation has noticeably increased. Which is better to choose?

Features of overhead plumbing

At first glance, such a plumber does not inspire confidence. She seems flimsy and unreliable. But, in fact, everything is wrong. Modern models have a special design, thanks to which the product is able to withstand loads up to 400 kg.

The main element of the design is the installation. It is presented in the form of a steel frame, which is securely fastened to the wall and floor during installation. There are also mounting options for one wall only. When using such plumbing equipment it is worth considering that it can be mounted on a load-bearing wall, which is made of concrete or brick. Constructions of other materials are not suitable for installing a toilet with installation.

By installing the toilet itself is attached with special studs that are available through the veneer. The result is that only the cup remains in sight.

The drain tank is mainly made of durable plastic. This makes it easier to construct. It is securely attached to the frame and hides behind the lining. In a certain place a small concealed hatch or removable panel is made. This provides free access to the tank, which is needed for its repair or shutting off water.

If there is not enough space to install the cistern, then a small depression is made in the wall. As for the plum, it is displayed in a convenient place. You can also use modern touchpads that automatically power up the drain.

Advantages and disadvantages

No need to rush to look for answers to the question - suspended toilets with installation how to choose? First, it is worth considering the advantages and disadvantages of such plumbing.

The benefits include:

  • The small size of the structure, which allows its use even in a small toilet.
  • Plumbing fits perfectly into modern design, which is possible due to the hidden installation of the main part of the structure.
  • Toilets with installation are reliable and durable to use.
  • When flushing water produces significantly less noise than in standard models.
  • There is an opportunity to expand the functionality of the toilet. If necessary, it can be used as a bidet).
  • Cleaning the room is greatly simplified, the floor under the toilet can be easily washed to a shine.
  • Suspended design has a better and more efficient drain system.

As you can see, a wall-mounted toilet with an installation has many advantages. Of course, we should not forget about the shortcomings that such a system, unfortunately, is not without.

The main disadvantages of the suspended structure:

  • Installing an installation requires certain skills to perform such work. The process is very time consuming. If there is no experience in installing the installation, you will have to use the services of specialists, and this will entail considerable financial costs.
  • During the installation process, it may be necessary to tinker with the water supply and drainage system.
  • If there is not enough space to install the flush tank, then you will need to make an additional recess in the wall. It will take a lot of time and effort to do this work, especially when it comes to concrete walls.
  • There is no full access to the installation, as it is hidden behind a light partition covered with a facing layer.
  • Since plumbing has relatively recently appeared on the market, its cost is at a fairly high level.

This information must be taken into account before going to the store for a plumbing fixture. Despite all the wishes, sometimes the owners are forced to confine themselves to the usual toilet. If you liked the installation for the toilet, how to choose it will help our tips below.

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What should be considered when choosing

When choosing a toilet model it is worth considering the characteristics of the product. This applies not only to what installation to install, but also the features of the visible element - the bowl.

Among the main selection criteria are:

  • Bowl material. It is better to prefer products from porcelain and earthenware. Porcelain models have a smooth surface that gives them elegance. Of course, if desired, you can purchase products from faience, covered with glaze. Outwardly, they are not inferior to the previous models, but have a lower price. Also on the market are stainless steel products. Using them in apartments is unacceptable, as they resemble plumbing from public toilets.

  • Bowl size. For a small bathroom, it is preferable to use compact products whose length is not more than 54 cm. Medium-sized bowls are considered the most popular and convenient option. Their length reaches 60 cm. Enlarged bowls (up to 70 cm) are mainly used for people who have physical disabilities. They can also be installed in large rooms.
  • Color plumbing. When choosing a suspended toilet with installation you should consider the design of the room. Here not only the shape and size of the bowl is important, but also its color. Often, people opt for white products that fit easily into any interior, regardless of color design. If desired, you can use the product and a different shade. Better choice to coordinate with the designers.

  • Bowl shape. Today the market has a wide selection of such plumbing. The bowl can have a round, oval, square and other shape.

  • View flush. It happens straight or circular. In direct washout, the water flows from behind and washes all sides of the bowl. Next, it goes to the drain. As for the second option, here water is supplied through an inclined opening. It moves in a spiral, which leads to the formation of a funnel. If we talk about savings, it is better to choose a design with a double discharge. It has two buttons. When you click on one, a partial discharge of water is carried out, the second button is responsible for the complete discharge of water.

  • Functionality. Plumbing design is constantly being improved. So, in the market you can find products that have a cleaning system, hair dryer and even heated seats. Therefore, it is not necessary to choose for a long time.

  • Manufacturer. Here it is necessary to decide on the installation of which company to choose. Among the popular options are such companies as Cersanit, Roca, Laufen, Jika and others. When choosing it is worth considering that the more popular the company, the higher the quality of its products. As a result, the cost per toilet will be slightly higher.

All these factors must be considered when choosing plumbing. Also, do not forget about the advice of sellers of the store. They will advise how to choose the installation in the bathroom.

Toilet Seat Myths

With such knowledge, you can easily answer the question of how to choose an installation for a suspended toilet. But, unfortunately, many people have the wrong idea about this design. As a result of this, they refuse to install a suspended toilet. But, in fact, their opinion is erroneous.

The main misconception is that hanging toilets are fragile and unreliable products that are not able to withstand heavy loads. Here you have a refutation of this fact - the bowl is made of durable material that can withstand loads up to 400 kg. During operation, it does not move, as it is securely fixed to the frame.

Another mistaken view is that the installation for a toilet bowl is hidden behind a light partition with a facing covering, which allegedly makes it impossible to carry out minor repairs to the structure and the only way out is to dismantle the false wall. In fact, when installing plumbing equipment removable panel. Thanks to this, there is access to the drain mechanism. This makes it easy to perform minor repairs and stop the water supply in case of emergency.

The owners of small bathrooms believe that such structures take up a lot of space. But, the toilet with installation requires less space than standard models. This is due to the fact that the drain tank is installed in the recess in the wall. As a result, it saves the missing space.

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