Repair and design

Children's room with a balcony

An excellent option to expand the space to the maximum is a children's room with a balcony. Modern balconies often have glazing, it remains to choose only the material for insulation, which is presented in abundance today. If the room where the child lives has access to the balcony, then you can safely proceed to the equipment of the usable area.

Design options

If there is a lot of space, you can combine two spaces

There are several methods for designing a children's room with a balcony. If the sizes of the nursery are large enough and allow you to organize all the necessary areas: for study, relaxation, and sleep, then it is not necessary to combine the two spaces. In this case, the balcony can serve as an additional place to store things.

But most often there is not enough space in the nursery. Therefore, you can organize a game or sports area on the balcony. Separate options may be a glazed balcony under the winter garden, where you can place a lot of plants and various flowers on it. This design will delight the child and those moments when there is no way to walk on the street. You can go to the landscaped balcony and enjoy flowering plants throughout the year.

If the space is limited, then on the balcony you can make a separate zone - a game or training

Children's with a balcony

When equipping a children's room with a balcony, it should be borne in mind that its design should be in harmony with the adjacent room. If the rooms have different styles, then an intermediate door should be installed so that the interiors of the rooms do not sharply contrast with each other. For this, among other things, you can use Roman curtains or blinds made of fabric.

In poor lighting of the room, professionals recommend installing a door that does not have partitions, but is completely made of glass.

Combining a nursery with a balcony space

Combining the balcony with the main room allows you to:

  • visually expand the room;
  • make the room brighter;
  • implement new design solutions.

In addition, you need to think carefully about the design. It is important to consider that such a room will need insulation. Any redevelopment provided in the apartment should be

Be documented with the appropriate organization. Often the wall that connects the nursery with the balcony is a carrier and it is completely impossible to remove it. Combining the premises, it is necessary to arrange the opening in the form of an arch or to cover the rest of the wall with decorative panels. A good option would be to design the lower part, located near the window, as an additional surface. All the space that has appeared due to the expansion can be equipped according to need: as a recreation area, as well as for sports or dressing room.

Sports section

Performing the design of a children's room with a balcony where the boy lives, you can equip a sports corner on it. To do this, on the territory of the balcony you can install the Swedish wall or various exercise machines. When a child grows up, such a room will not lose its practicality and relevance, since playing sports always remains an integral part of every person’s life.

Place to relax

There is another design option - loggia, made as a sofa. To place a sofa or several armchairs on the balcony, a partition must be made between these two spaces. To pick up and lay a carpet on the sofa, install a small coffee table, purchase and place a TV, the child will be delighted with this. After all, he has his own nook and cinema. Different layout and decorative methods applicable to a nursery with a balcony will look completely different.

The cozy lounge on the balcony will be your favorite vacation spot

Early calculation of the design of the combined premises gives the equipped nursery the required functionality, which will undoubtedly affect the mood of your child. Finishing materials and furniture are best acquired non-massive so that the ceiling can withstand the load.

The child should be comfortable in his corner

When designing a balcony completely under the nursery, the space should be fenced off qualitatively. Just put a cupboard or other furniture for the partition is not an option. To do this, you need to use materials that will help isolate the room visually. It will be practical to put compact furniture, for example, a convertible bed. It can easily stand along the wall, and when assembled, it will save the space of the balcony. The main thing is that the child is comfortable. In addition, it will be useful to let the child participate in the arrangement: to arrange toys or add something to the interior, because he needs to live there.

Balcony with a podium

The flooring in the room and on the balcony can be combined

Before equipping a nursery with a balcony, it is important to determine the design of the premises. As a floor covering for the main part, you can choose a carpet, and for a balcony a laminate or insulated linoleum.

An unusual option will be the implementation of the floor in the children's room at different levels using a warm floor. You can also perform wall decoration. In the area where the child is sleeping, you should use pastel and calm tones that will calm him. In the play area, use brighter and more colorful shades so that the mood is always on top.

Association of zones

This method will help to beat the space in a practical and profitable way. If it is not possible to remove the balcony partition, you can design it originally. The remaining section of the wall where the windowsill was, can be equipped as a small sofa and put beautiful small pillows on it. You can also leave it as a stand for various items. The partition can be stylized as an arch or column. Designing the design of a children's room for a girl, you can design a balcony block as an entrance to a beautiful castle where a fairy lives.

Thermal insulation device on the balcony

The balcony is in most cases a cold room. For the equipment of living space, you need to think about its insulation. There are plenty of materials to complete this process.

But it is important to remember that in the preparation and design of the nursery it is worth using only high-quality materials, since the room is planned for the permanent residence of your child.

First you need to pay attention to glazing and insulation both inside and outside. Materials for the performance of this work can serve:

  • Styrofoam;
  • penofol;
  • mineral wool;
  • polypropylene.

An example of insulation of a balcony, see the video:

It is advisable to entrust glazing to professionals if there is no possibility or experience on their own. When ordering a double-glazed window, it is necessary to take into account that the balcony will be equipped with a living room.

Insulation materials

In this regard, emphasis should be placed on energy-saving and soundproof materials. In addition, you should choose high-quality fittings so that it serves for a long period without failure, as well as protective fences and a mosquito net.

To warm the balcony space, you need to choose materials with light weight, so as not to create large loads. This is especially true for balcony structures that have support beams. A heat-insulating layer is laid on the floor, walls and ceiling. The insulation must be laid without gaps.

Mineral wool is the best option both in price and in performance. It does not absorb moisture, is environmentally friendly, and also non-combustible, in addition, it has excellent soundproofing properties, which is important for a children's room.

Using mineral wool, you should think about waterproofing.

Heated balcony

After all questions regarding the installation of thermal and waterproofing are carried out, it is necessary to solve the issue of heating. A conventional heater in this case will not be practical, since it is necessary to heat the entire area and the heat must be evenly distributed throughout the room. About methods of heating a balcony, see this video:

Using a warm floor will be the best option due to the moderate price policy of the material and easy installation. Some recommend installing air conditioning on the balcony, which will work to heat the room. You can also use an infrared heater suspended from the ceiling.

Decoration Materials

The decoration in the nursery should be bright cheerful colors

It’s impossible to decorate the nursery’s interior with a balcony without using quality materials. Considering the fact that children really love everything colorful and bright, in order to attract attention, it means that we must build on this.

Finishing must be chosen to the taste of the children. Suitable materials in this case are bright wallpapers with drawing drawings of your favorite cartoon characters, decorative panels in several colors.

The mood can be created directly by the child himself: purchase toys and arrange them, arrange sports facilities or install a computer.

With the independent arrangement of the nursery on the balcony space, it is important to understand that it should be warm, cozy and comfortable for the child.