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Blue wallpaper

The blue color is very saturated and bright, it is quite difficult to use it in the interior of the room, but our experts know how to correctly use blue wallpapers.

In order to stop at some color, you need to think through the entire interior of the room. From the very beginning, from scratch, it is easy to imagine how the color will change on different walls, where there will be accents and where not.

I would like to realize a lot of ideas, but at the same time make a design that would be liked not only by myself, but also by others. When deciding on the choice of a particular color, you should immediately take care of its compatibility.

Wallpaper with monograms in the living room

Among the most popular colors, we note blue, which is associated with something deep and boundless, the ocean or the sky. Blue wallpapers to some extent can convey part of this atmosphere.

The properties

It is believed that people with an active lifestyle have a great sympathy for blue. Perhaps the professions of people associated with something infinitely blue (pilots, sailors, astronauts) left their mark on character. In any case, these are confident, energetic and courageous people.

Unusual interior of the children's room of a young motorist

If you consider yourself to be such people, feel free to choose blue for the interior. Moreover, in what form it will be, by and large it does not matter. An interesting design is obtained using blue and its shades, and if combined with other colors, the platform for creativity is completely endless.

It is recommended to combine various textures, select interior and household items, this will create a complete interior design.

Psychologists say that the blue color does not contribute to good digestion, therefore it is irrelevant for the kitchen. It is possible to create accents, of course, but you should not fill this room with this color. To improve appetite and general digestive processes, choose bright colors of red.


In many respects, the popularity of blue is due to its famous shades, which people really like. For example, the blue tint is considered to be calming, relaxing the nervous system.

It is actively used to create interiors for the children's room of boys, in order to reduce their activity and allow them to relax and gain strength. For adult rooms, blue is also quite appropriate, because it introduces an element of freshness and lightness into the interior, which contributes to immersion in one’s thoughts.

Chic silk-screen wallpaper with monograms.

Blue wallpapers - how designers use the blue color in the interior, how to create a light and comfortable atmosphere that promotes relaxation.

In turn, blue is divided into more subtle color shades that can be used in monochrome design.

Looks good deep and airy tones of blue.

Dark blue color takes us away from the lightness of blue, immersing us in the working theme. Business people prefer to use this color in home decoration. Diplomats and businessmen often choose this color for their work suit. By the way, using the style of the Russian tricolor, you can supplement the main blue (suit) with strokes (white shirt and red tie), which together will look worthy.

Great color combination

Of the dark blue shades, one can distinguish the color of the sea wave and turquoise, as the most often used in the interior. Further preference for the strongest and darkest blue shades is not justified, since it is easy to get too gloomy and depressive color.


Blue wallpapers are universal, to one degree or another they can be used in a variety of rooms of the apartment. We have put together a number of useful recommendations for using this color.


We have already briefly touched on the use of blue in the kitchen, we continue our description. It is recommended to glue wallpapers of this color in bright kitchens filled with sunlight, preferably facing the south side of the house.

For kitchen, wallpaper for painting is well suited

This approach will create a fun, cheerful interior, and even if you go too far with blue, nothing bad will happen. However, in most cases, the excessive use of blue wallpaper should refrain.

If we consider the effect of blue on the digestive processes more closely and create a harmonious interior with this in mind, you can even count on some weight loss. But in this case, one still has to sacrifice the appetite whether the household will like it - a big question.


In addition to pastel colors in the bedroom it is quite possible to apply light blue. It will bring with it an atmosphere of calm and serenity, plus it will add some freshness to the space.

A variant of wallpaper for the bedroom in blue colors

The option with a deep dark blue color for the bedroom is immediately swept away, since such a coloring of the wallpaper carries with it sadness, predisposes a person to self-digging. Light blue is recommended to be diluted with soft white shades, for example, milky, to create a pleasant, somewhat romantic atmosphere.

If you want to play with contrasts, then we use bright blue wallpapers and white home decoration, furniture, curtains. You will get a rich and original interior that will not press on you with color.

Blue wallpaper in the bedroom - the use of blue wallpaper in the bedroom, creating an excellent design in a calm color, the selection of quality paintings.
Blue wallpaper in the bedroom - the use of light and airy wallpapers, infinitely fresh and spiritual, creating a unique interior in the bedroom.
Blue wallpaper in the kitchen - the practice of using blue wallpaper in such a difficult room as a kitchen, examples of interiors and successful color combinations.

Living room

All the above color matching methods are applicable to the living room. If you decide to create a monochrome design, combine blue wallpapers with blue ones, pay attention to the texture of the material, to the direction of the picture.

Denim wallpapers are great for the living room

For a successful combination, it is necessary to very carefully select companionable colors. Blue will easily come out as the primary color, or complementary, it is ready to create accents and blur. Recently, wallpapers in indigo color have become popular.


Use saturated colors in the children's room must be very careful. The bright blue wallpapers glued in the nursery can put pressure on a child with hyperactivity, and they will be just right for a calm baby.

Blue is more universal in this regard, but it is not recommended for quiet children, since it will create an aura of sadness and longing.

Paper wallpapers are great for a kids room.

Paper borders can complement the interior and delimit the zones of the room, and decoretto stickers will help to give individuality.


If you have a large bathroom, and you want to paste blue wallpapers there, then this is a great option to create a marine design. The color of the sea wave will be, without exaggeration, ideal for such rooms. It is quite companionable and very pleasant, allowing you to enjoy the process of taking a bath.


For blue, nature has already created many harmonious combinations, it is enough just to see them. Consider some interesting tandems.

Shades of blue

Design in one color scheme is called monochrome. If you use blue and its multiple shades, it is easy to get a unique interior where accents will be highlighted and the main space filled with light. Difficulty in such an interior with a balance of color, and accessories, since there should not be a lot of them.

Spending time in such a bedroom is a pleasure

Red and green

Blue is on friendly terms with its rainbow neighbors. By combining these colors, it’s easy to get a colorful and cheerful interior that is perfect for a child’s room. The combination of blue and green is often used for bathrooms, because together they represent the theme of the sea.

Yellow orange

Yellow works with blue in contrasts, creating a vibrant, modern design. It is rare to find these two colors on the same wallpaper, but the combination of blue and yellow is quite appropriate.

This is how modern works by eminent designers look like


White is easily combined with any color, blue and its shades are no exception. Creating a competent harmonious, clean interior, it is permissible to use bright blue and snow-white colors.

The practicality of such a color combination is doubtful, but if you choose a moisture-proof washable wallpaper, it will not matter if they are blue or white.

White color perfectly complements the blue wallpaper, if it is dispersed throughout the room in the interior, for example: upholstered furniture made of white leather, tulle and curtains, white frames of paintings.

White adds elegance to the interior

The black

Black and blue are rarely used together, because in such a combination, besides a gloomy interior, it is difficult to get something. Adding white, we fill the room with light, and the good old classic comes out in a diluted version. With these three colors, the range for creativity is simply huge.

Of course, you can use blue wallpaper in the interior, but try not to play too much, because the disturbed color balance will make your room too dark.

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