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Lilac curtains and draperies in the interior

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For interior decoration today, colors are chosen that are both calm and intense. It all depends on which particular shade is selected, which combination with other color schemes is used. One of these colors is lilac. It is pleasant, it can be very pale or bright, great for decorating any room, depending on what to combine with, for which interior to choose. It is important to choose the right purple curtains, learn to combine them with other types of finishes.

It should be remembered that the lilac color positively affects the human body and psyche.

The combination of lilac curtains with other shades

The interior can be decorated in lilac colors. Combinations with other color schemes look beautiful. An example of an unusual design is the use of blueberry color. This idea is great for a girl’s nursery. Despite the fact that the shade is dark and saturated, it is pleasant and has a positive effect on well-being and psyche.. Curtains for such an interior can be acquired saturated, the same shade is suitable for emphasizing individual details. For example, a picture on the walls, furniture upholstery. Lilac and blueberry are a pleasant and bright combination. The room becomes visually much brighter, it takes on an original look.

For the classic style of the interior, it is recommended to take pastel and delicate colors.

  1. If the interior is classic, it is best to take pastel and soft colors. The best combination is pale lilac and cream, milky, ivory. It is good to use natural materials, such as linen, cotton, wool, for decoration. For curtains, it is advisable to take thick silk, which can also be used to decorate chairs.
  2. Lilac curtains for vintage style are rarely used, but still they can be a great addition to the overall design. In this case, it is recommended to use only plain and smooth curtains, which will serve as an excellent background for the rest of the environment. Their color should be pale.
  3. Art Deco style involves the use of this particular color scheme. In this case, you can apply a shade of saturated lilac, which goes well with dark brown, even black. For example, lilac curtains and wallpapers will look great with a delicate black pattern in the form of an elegant pattern. It is good to combine curtains with chocolate color, with silver, gold. Such an interior will be sophisticated, elegant, it is great for bedrooms or for living rooms, boudoirs.
  4. The minimalism style is strict and elegant at the same time. It is applied either a saturated shade or light, on the verge of white. It is best to acquire light wallpapers, and take individual accessories in bright colors. Finish green and blue. If the room allows, the walls are made in pure white, and the individual elements are made of a rich lilac shade. Attention should be paid to the selection of accessories and the type of curtains. Too lush or frivolous for this style is no longer suitable. It is best to take smooth and plain colors that will attract attention, but not simplify the rest of the environment. If you still want to use a drawing, then it should be lines, strict geometric patterns, simple and untangled.

How to choose lilac curtains for the interior?

The tone of the curtains for the bedroom is determined from the level of illumination of the room.

So how to choose lilac curtains in the interior? Everything is not as complicated as it might seem, but it is important to consider for which room the curtains are chosen. We must not forget that the lilac color even of a saturated shade gives some lightness, it is best suited for classic, romantic interiors. For strict design, this color is not suitable.

Lilac curtains in the interior are not recommended for large rooms, as they affect the emotional state is not the best way. If a person spends a lot of time in a room with such curtains, this may not affect his mental well-being in the best way. It is best to take such draperies for bedrooms where a person is just resting. If the owner of the house prefers this particular color, then using it for the entire decoration is not the best option. If the curtains are lilac, then the walls are recommended to be pastel, furniture should be purchased in bright colors.

It is not recommended to choose lilac curtains for large rooms.

For the living room, it is best to use a rich shade of almost lilac color. Such draperies allow you to focus on a specific element of decor. For the rest of the space, then you need to use lighter and not so bright shades that will make the room visually more spacious and more pleasant.

If such a rich lilac color is used, then it can be used not only for the window. Draperies of a bright deep shade can be used to highlight a zone near a sofa or chair. Here you can immediately solve several problems. Curtains will perfectly decorate the walls, make the recreation area more pronounced and clearly marked. Due to such a simple technique, you can create a secluded corner, if necessary.

What to choose for a bedroom and a drawing room?

For the bedroom, it is recommended to choose lilac wallpapers and curtains of muted tones. There is no place for too bright draperies, as they will interfere with relaxation, and pastel pleasant tones will be appropriate. Curtains are better for taking darker tones than wallpaper. This will create a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere. For the upholstery of chairs and armchairs, it is better to take fabrics that will combine perfectly with the curtain fabric. If a drawing is used, then it should also match, but not be too confusing and complicated. Geometric ornaments and simple floral patterns are well suited for bedrooms.

The tone for the bedroom should be determined based on the level of illumination.

Pattern for sewing curtains.

Lilac wallpapers and curtains of cold tones are suitable for bright and well-lit rooms. On the sunny side, cold tones will help create a feeling of lightness, airiness, the atmosphere will be joyful and pleasant for relaxation. Soft and warm tones are best suited for poorly lit rooms.

Due to these tones, you can create a more comfortable atmosphere, a little mitigate the lack of natural light. Lilac wallpapers and curtains of warm colors can be used for rooms not only girls but also boys. But you need to choose them carefully, in accordance with the color preferences of the child himself, since not everyone loves this shade.

Many people think that the lilac color is too pale, but in fact this is far from the case. It is lilac that has a rich palette of shades. In such colors you can decorate any room. Curtains, wallpaper, flooring, furniture upholstery can be lilac. It is necessary to choose draperies in such a way that they harmoniously suit not only the style of the interior, but also the purpose of the room. This will make the atmosphere comfortable for relaxation.

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