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Security system of a country house: protect yourself

Living in your own home brings a lot of joys, but at the same time it implies a completely different level of responsibility and poses challenges for the owners of suburban housing that the townspeople do not have to face. For example, the owners of cottages have to provide protection for the house and all those who live in it on their own - so sooner or later most of them come to the idea of ​​equipping a security system in their country house.

The two main components of the security system of a country house are alarms and video surveillance. It’s better not to save on equipment: motion sensors should have a detection range of at least 12 meters and a wide viewing angle, outdoor cameras should have maximum sensitivity. For example, a svc s46v camera has a sensitivity of 0.001 lux (lux); for comparison, the natural illumination on a moonless starry night corresponds to 0, 003 - 0.1 Lx, which means that the camera will be fully functional even at minimum illumination. Data from motion sensors and cameras should be fed to two outputs: internal (one or more monitors in the house, an alarm signal) and external (security panel). In this case, the owners of the house will be able to immediately find out about the penetration of an outsider into the infield - and the security company at the same time will record a perimeter violation and send out the outfit.

In addition, smoke detectors, flooding, infrared and IP cameras, as well as many other devices can be built into the security system of a private house. A truly effective security system makes accurate configuration of each device and their automatic control; security system - an integral part of the "smart home". Life in a private house, in comparison with a city house, is much more secluded and autonomous: this means that in difficult situations you need to rely primarily on yourself, and it is better to take care of your home and loved ones in advance.

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