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Lilac curtains: a combination of tenderness and grace of style

Properly selected lilac curtains have a number of undeniable decorative advantages. They create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the living room, cheer up the inhabitants of the children's room, gently distribute the light and visually increase the space of the kitchen, provide a pleasant stay in the bedroom. According to psychologists, certain shades of lilac color are set aside from earthly problems, cause a desire to meditate and philosophize. Such colors are most liked by creative people who appreciate elegance and grace.

Features of the combination of shades

There are many approaches to introducing lilac curtains into decor. Options can be traditional and quite original. You can use any shade - from lavender to rich blueberry.
So that the room not only acquires a new look, but also looks harmonious and unobtrusive, it is worth paying attention to a number of recommendations.

  1. In the classic interior, pastel and muted tones look most spectacular. The optimal combination is considered to be pale lilac with cream, creamy, ivory shade. Natural materials are welcomed in the decoration: linen, cotton, dressed wool. In this environment, silk curtains give the atmosphere a touch of luxury and aristocracy.
  2. Lilac curtains are also used in vintage style, though quite rarely. They should not attract everyone's attention and can be an excellent complement to the basic stylistic idea. Smooth, plain, pale panels are a suitable backdrop for the rest of the decor.
  3. For art deco style shades of lilac are the best solution. Saturated lilac goes well with dark brown decor items. Plain black curtains are welcome on plain curtains. Purple curtains highlight the appeal of milk chocolate furniture. The combination called “pansies” - a rich lilac color framed by gold - looks very original. Lavender panels with a delicate silver pattern are allowed.
  4. Strict and elegant minimalism prefers a very light lilac, on the verge of white, or its rich version. In this case, the wallpaper should be selected light, you can enter into the interior a few bright accents. The panels may have a blue or green finish. The curtains themselves should be plain and smooth. Too simple an image can be varied with a linear geometric pattern.


Whatever the stylistic idea of ​​the interior, it is important to remember that lilac curtains are not used in spacious rooms. These elements give an already airy atmosphere additional lightness, which can negatively affect the mental state of people in the room.

Lilac curtains in a modern kitchen

For the kitchen, it is preferable to choose a cold lilac color. He will create a suitable mood, will not excite an indefatigable appetite, will provide the room with enough sunlight.
The best approach in this case is a combination with white. There may be many options.

  • Snow-white facades and surfaces of kitchen furniture, walls of beige or sand shade and bright lilac curtains of the maximum length of light muslin will create a unique fresh atmosphere.
  • No less profitable on a light, almost white background, small curtain-cafes of a saturated, almost purple color will look. In the interior, it is permissible to use a lilac floral print on walls or furniture.
  • An attractive and functional option is the Roman curtains of a favorite lilac shade framed by snow-white window frames.
  • A light curtain made of a veil or tulle up to the middle of the window will look simple and appropriate. The original touch will be a diagonal one-way pickup.
  • To decorate a too simple kitchen, it is recommended to use white Austrian curtains with a lilac pattern and voluminous bows to match the pattern.

Such options are only relevant in a bright kitchen, designed in pastel colors. Extremely juicy against the background of lilac or lavender curtains, bright yellow furniture looks.

Popular and original bedroom ideas

For a bedroom, designed in calm and pastel colors, curtains in rich lilac color are suitable. A heavy curtain made of velvet, descending in soft folds, inspires a healthy sleep and protects from the sun. No less popular is the combined version, consisting of two canvases of the same texture and color, but with a difference of several tones.

There are some tips for using lilac in the bedroom.

  • The color of the curtains is recommended to be reinforced with pillows or a bedspread of a similar shade.
  • In a small bedroom, lilacs can become the main color that will be seen in most interior elements. Here you have to work on a combination of overall surfaces, and then the result will be a visual increase in space.
  • The larger the room, the darker and more saturated the color of the curtains should be.
  • In the bedroom, straight plain curtains of any shades of lilac look no worse than complex designs with pickups and peroxides. Sometimes you do not need to invent something provocative; it is better to start with the simplest option.
  • For lovers of contrasts there is a win-win option - a combination of lilac, blueberry or lavender with bright yellow. You can play the opposites by combining curtains of one color with roller blinds of another.
  • No less original with bright purple and pink shades. Harmony in design is not violated, and the room begins to play with new colors.

How to make a window in the living room?

To decorate the living room, shades of lilac are used infrequently. If this happens, the originality and freshness of the image is guaranteed. In a room designed to receive guests and family gatherings, it is customary to use more expensive textiles, and the window decoration should be reinforced with interesting accessories.

In order not to make common mistakes, you should familiarize yourself with simple tips.

  1. The combination of lilac with white will make the room feminine, "sweet", almost "cloying."
  2. Lavender, lilac, blueberry curtains on a gray background - a more masculine option.
  3. Among neutral, "family" shades, a palette of blue, brown, black is distinguished.
  4. In the vintage living room, a combination of several panels of various shades of lilac looks charming.
  5. The pale lilac against the background of purple walls or furniture will look bright, fresh and dynamic.
  6. If yellow furniture is appropriate in a particular living room, then in combination with blueberry curtains a cheerful but unobtrusive option is guaranteed.

Do not forget that the living room is the face of the house. If you do not intend to shock guests, do not combine soft purple shades with flashy tones.

Options for a nursery

In a room of a child of any age, shades of lilac can be used safely. Especially fresh and effective is their combination with light green. Children perceive smooth surfaces better, this must be taken into account when choosing a material. With a bright basic image of the wall, ceiling and floor, it is better to withstand in pastel unobtrusive colors.

For the girl’s room, you can consider the option with rich blueberry light curtains, assembled in a complex structure. Equally popular is the combination of lavender with bright pink accessories and white furniture. For teens, a combination of a dark, almost purple color with gray walls and interior items of varying degrees of saturation is more suitable.

Unsuccessful combination of lilac curtains with red accents

Forbidden combinations

Lilac color is distinguished by amazing friendliness with all its intensity and brightness. In this case, there are several shades, the neighborhood with which to avoid:

  • burgundy;
  • terracotta;
  • Orange;
  • brick brown;
  • classic red;
  • swamp green.

Avoiding dissonance is pretty simple. Before purchasing curtains, you only need to compare the disputed cuts with each other or with pieces of furniture and decoration, the conflicting parties will immediately find themselves.


Many believe that the lilac color is pale and monotonous. In fact, it is represented by a rich palette of shades suitable for all occasions. But it is not recommended to furnish the entire dwelling in the same color, it will shake the nervous system too much.

The "younger brother" of violet color is intended to relax, to tune in a dreamy mood, therefore it should be used only where a similar effect is needed. For example, lavender or blueberry curtains in the office will not allow you to concentrate and do work.

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