Repair and design

Heating and ventilation system in the house

During the construction of any structure, an integrated approach to the design and installation of a heating and ventilation system is required, which will significantly reduce the construction time, ensure high-quality operation of the equipment and reduce costs in general.

In fact, the heating and ventilation system is the basis for a comfortable life in the house in the future. In addition, a well-designed project systems will extend the life of the house, protecting it from the negative effects from the inside.

Before the development of the project, a full technical examination is carried out, which allows you to compare the wishes of customers and the norms of laws so that polluted air does not penetrate the building. GENPROEKT company will accurately calculate and distribute communications during the creation of project documentation.

Why is it important to design engineering heating systems correctly?

To make the house comfortable and warm enough in winter, it is necessary to install a reliable heating system. For each building, depending on its size and materials from which it is made, a special project is developed. But there are a number of standard works that are the same for any type of building:

  • The choice between natural and forced circulation of fluid in the system;
  • Calculation of sufficient boiler capacity depending on the fuel used in the region;
  • It is necessary to count how much the windows and doors in the building occupy;
  • Take into account the climate of the region where the facility is being built;
  • Measurement of temperature conditions indoors;
  • Determining what material pipes are made of, calculate the size of radiators, find out if other additional equipment is needed.

Today, the market offers a lot of heating devices, therefore, if you combine them correctly, you can achieve not only a more efficient consumption of energy resources, but also a uniform distribution of heat throughout the room.

At the same time, GENPROEKT guarantees the use of certified equipment from well-known manufacturers.

The company gathered within its walls professionals who can calculate the engineering heating systems and develop the necessary documentation by selecting high-quality equipment.

Thanks to the design of the heating system with GENPROEKT, you will be able to complete the installation of the equipment without errors, while saving time. Also, experts will take into account the wishes of the client and implement them in the basis of the project.

Engineering ventilation will take care of clean air!

High-quality ventilation is the key to supplying and exchanging fresh air in the room. Many people believe that ventilation is only necessary in industrial facilities, but this is not so. Proper air conditioning is needed in any building, regardless of its size and purpose.

In order to save money and correctly install equipment in the future, engineering ventilation should be designed in the initial stages.

To make a project, it is necessary to consider how many people will be in the room, whether additional equipment that consumes air will be installed.

It is important to choose filters and pumps, as well as take care of achieving compact installation of pipes and equipment.

Having ordered the creation of a full-fledged project, you can determine how long the construction will serve you, and take into account possible risks.

GENPROEKT specialists will examine the object from the technical side and, if necessary, will improve the systems that currently exist in the buildings, regardless of their purpose.

Thanks to many years of experience, GENPROEKT employees select high-quality equipment for engineering ventilation, which will ensure the maintenance of the required indoor temperature.

Professionals will ensure that the air supplied meets sanitary standards. The correct functioning of life support systems is the key to a comfortable life and productive work.

In its work, the company uses the latest technologies, which allows not only to save time on the construction of the project, but also to minimize customer costs. Take care of high-quality heating and ventilation systems at your facility - choose GENPROEKT.

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