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Smart Home system: how expensive is the service?

Today, some families are hesitant to install the modern Smart Home system, worrying about its costly maintenance. The extra monthly expenses scare people in our economically turbulent times, forcing us to abandon everyday comfort. However, is this “Smart Home” so dear as they say about it? Let's try to figure out future costs, and at the same time dispel some myths about the high cost of operating the system.

Currently, most Smart Home systems are powered by Z-wave, a low-power wireless communication protocol. Such systems work completely autonomously, without any special costs for electricity and maintenance. Of course, sensors, like any other modern technology, need to be periodically checked, tested, changed something, but in general, the costs are minimal. The total service life of the entire system can reach several decades.

So why is it considered to be "Smart House" in the process of exploitation as an expensive pleasure? The fact is that the elements of the system themselves (various sensors, electric motors, processors, interactive control systems, etc.) cost a lot of money and in case of breakdown you will have to fork out. Accordingly, many sales managers, talking about their own product, warn of possible costs, which, of course, scare away potential buyers. Meanwhile, these systems fail quite rarely, and besides, it is not at all necessary to immediately change one or another element - it can often be easily repaired.

Yes, with a serious breakdown, the smart home system will require expensive repairs, however, according to statistics, this happens quite rarely - hundredths of a percent of the total number of installed smart solutions. Moreover, not surprisingly, the main cause of malfunctions is improper operation and mechanical damage. Accordingly, if you follow all the instructions, regularly diagnose the elements and functions of Smart Home, as well as take care of the technology, the risk of breakdowns is almost zero.

It follows that the main costs fall on the shoulders of customers when buying a system, while in the process of operation it usually does not require any costs, on the contrary, with the help of intelligent programs it helps you save on heating, electricity, water and other utilities. Thus, contrary to all the stereotypes of “Smart Home”, it’s an affordable and necessary product, the purchase of which in a new house or apartment is definitely worth considering.

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