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The system of "smart home" - embodied fiction

Progress in the field of construction technologies has taken many steps forward over the past decades, and it is no longer surprising anyone with low-emission heat-saving windows or frame houses - such already exist in every city. But the so-called "smart homes" are still rare in the vastness of our homeland.

In fact, a smart home is an ordinary home with the difference that control over heating, lighting, electricity and other communications is carried out using an automated electronic system. Elements of this concept appeared long ago, even in Soviet magazines devoted to electronics, one could find schemes of simple devices that could automatically turn on lighting in a room when a person appeared, and turn it off when a person left it.

But the “smart home” system is something much higher, it can recognize various situations and respond to them in one way or another. For example, a water level indicator in a pool will allow the system to turn off the water supply on its own, and an already filled pool will be waiting for you. In case of exceeding the limit, the gas flow rate sensor will signal the system and the gas boiler will automatically reduce its flow. Needless to say, the use of such a system will significantly save energy. Actually, such control systems are an important part of dwellings of the type “active house” and “passive house”, which allow to generate or significantly reduce energy consumption, respectively.

The convenience of such a house is a separate issue. Imagine - in the morning you wake up from light music, the blinds open automatically, and the bathroom begins to fill with warm water and an electric kettle, while you get up, it will heat water for coffee. We can say that the descriptions of the houses of the future from science fiction novels have come true - yes, it is. Science fiction writers sometimes become real prophets, it remains to be hoped that they were completely mistaken about total electronic identity control and alien intrusions.

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