Repair and design

Smart Home Management System

The Smart Home control system is usually associated with a full set of relays and involves a complex and time-consuming programming process. The assembly of this type of installation requires the participation of specialists in this field, which significantly increases its cost.

However, in recent years, many companies, world leaders in the field of electrical installation products, have created a new approach - systems designed for homes and offices.

Toolless programming

Many companies produce commercially available smart home systems that are equipped without tools using special software.


The products of the Smart Home series include smart switches, motion sensors, blind control switches, a weather station, thermostats and wireless signal transmitters. Each product includes a comfort group locally or remotely, via infrared or by radio signal.


In modern Smart Home systems, solutions are used to change the wiring, which avoids additional wiring. With this, the posting amount is reduced to an absolute minimum.

In addition to the transmission methods described, control is also carried out via a mobile phone or via the Internet. Even being far from home, you can see what is happening in your home or change the state of the device.

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