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Grounding System TN-C-S

This article is again about grounding. The TN-C-S grounding system is considered quite popular today. The principle of the TN-C-S system is quite simple and it is based on the fact that the PEN conductor must be separated in a specific place. It comes to the consumer in two separate conductors:
- Zero working conductor N.
- PE protective conductor.

In this grounding system, you can also install outlets that have grounding terminals. The PE conductor must be connected to the electrical enclosure. The neutral conductor N serves to transmit electricity to consumers. In this article, you will find detailed information on how to install the TN-C-S grounding system.

TN-C-S grounding system and conductor separation

An earthing system of the tn c s type involves the separation of the PEN conductor in the TN-C-S system. Many electricians carry out the separation of the conductor at the entrance to a residential building.

In order to perform the separation of the PEN conductor, you need the ASU to have:

  • Zero bus.
  • Grounding bus PE.

To complete this process, you need to connect the PEN conductor to the PE ground bus. You must install a jumper between the PE ground bus and the N ground bus. If you are running this system, then you need to know the differences between grounding and grounding.

The TN-C-S grounding system assumes that you will need to connect the PE grounding bar to the residential building circuit.

TN-C-S Grounding System Benefits

The TN-C-S system is considered the most promising grounding system. The main advantage is that the tn-c-s grounding system circuit is considered quite simple. Everyone can deal with it. You can see the diagram in the photo below.

This is far from all of its advantages. The second advantage is that it has high security. With it, you can protect a person’s life from electric shock. When installing this system, it is also necessary to install an RCD and a potential equalization system.

Main disadvantages of the TN-C-S system

The TN-C-S grounding system may also have disadvantages. The most important drawback may occur in the event of a PEN conductor break. If the insulation is broken, then there may be a voltage problem for electrical appliances. Subsequently, this can lead to personal injury from current. If necessary, you can perform a potential equalization system.


If the TN-C grounding system is installed in your homes, then you should consider moving to a newer and more reliable TN-C-S system. Your security will depend on this transition. The TN-C-S grounding system should only be performed by professionals.

ground loop in a private house.

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