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Grounding System TN-S

Today, the TN-S grounding system is needed not only for enterprises, but also for private homes. Today in this article we decided to bring to your attention tn s protective grounding system. The history of this system dates back to 1940. For the first time, this type of grounding was launched in Europe.

In this article, you will find detailed information on how to do the installation of the TN-S grounding system yourself. When designing new buildings for single-phase networks, it is necessary to use three-core cables. If you plan to install a three-phase network, then you should use five-core cable lines. These requirements are necessary so that you can easily switch to the TN-S system.

Grounding system TN-S and its principle of operation

The earthing system type tn s has a simple operating principle. It is based on the fact that the neutral conductor N and the protective conductor PE must come to the consumer with separate cores. Unlike the TN-C-S system, these conductors will be separated at a specific location. For example, their separation can take place in the inlet switchgear. Here is a photo that shows the TN-S protective grounding system diagram. This system involves the installation of a ground loop.

As you can see, in the diagram, the TN-S grounding system does not require re-grounding.

TN-S System Benefits

To date, the protective grounding system tn s is considered the most secure grounding system. It is able to protect your equipment as much as possible, and most importantly to protect a person from electric shock.

Together with this system you need to use RCDs and potential equalization systems. Also, one more advantage of this system can be considered the complete absence of interference and other similar interference. The TN-S system does not require constant monitoring of the ground loop condition. There is simply no need for this. This system requires separation of the PEN conductor.

Disadvantages of the TN-S Grounding System

The TN-S grounding system can also have a number of disadvantages. The main disadvantage is the expensive installation of electrical wiring. During installation, you will need a large number of power wires.

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