Repair and design

Automatic Watering Systems: General

Care for a personal plot, garden, lawn, flower garden or garden necessarily includes regular watering. However, many gardeners, owners of summer cottages and country houses prefer to entrust this important task to an automatic irrigation system, which guarantees an optimal result, to achieve which you will not have to waste time and make efforts.

An automatic irrigation system consists of an extensive network of pipes or hoses, watering heads (fan and rotary), as well as many electronic devices: it includes sensors of various types (measuring soil moisture, air temperature, light), timers, electromagnetic valves, a controller with a microprocessor , which runs the watering scripts.

When designing automatic irrigation systems, parameters such as length, contour and throughput of irrigation lines, radius of action of irrigation heads, working pressure in the water supply system (the type of water supply is also centralized or autonomous), soil type, slope and terrain, features, are taken into account its drainage system, the need for water of various green spaces (lawn grass, trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables); automatic irrigation system should also organically fit into the landscape design of the site. Automatic irrigation of greenhouses requires a special approach: as a rule, drip irrigation is the best option for a greenhouse. Therefore, the installation of automatic irrigation systems should be carried out by specialized companies whose employees have the necessary experience for a comprehensive solution to the problem; with the same company, you can conclude an agreement on service maintenance of the autowatering system.

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