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Autowatering systems for a summer residence: main types

To create a spectacular green garden, a fertile garden, a beautiful emerald lawn or beautiful flower beds, you need to work hard, because each plant requires careful care and especially watering. You can, of course, irrigate your plants with the well-known method — using buckets of water, a watering can or hose, but such methods cannot be called effective, because they require considerable labor, especially when it comes to leaving vast territories. It is much more convenient to use an automatic irrigation system, which will provide high-quality irrigation when necessary, and without your efforts.

There are three types of automatic irrigation systems - they are drip, sprinkler and subsoil, their difference is in the method of water supply. The drip system of an automatic watering for a summer residence has the following features - water passing through pipes located on the territory slowly drips through small holes, irrigating directly the roots of green spaces. Such an automatic watering system is the most economical, since all the moisture that comes to them is absorbed by the plants. The principle of sprinkler irrigation is that water under high pressure is sprayed into certain areas. Sprinklers are usually installed above the ground, although they can also be located below it, moving upward when the spray system is working.

The subsurface autowatering system, in principle, differs little from sprinkling, just it is more advanced. The entire communication system is located underground, but spray devices are located above it, and the advantage of the subsoil system is that it is combined, that is, drip irrigation devices can also be connected to it. The choice of a suitable autowatering system will depend on the characteristics of the plants and on the area of ​​the site. In addition, you need to decide whether you need the system to be fully automated or if the system with a manual control mode is more suitable.

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