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Storage systems for children's toys

What would seem to be bad when children have a lot of toys? And the fact that they are scattered in all rooms and their owners do not really like to collect them. Proper storage of toys in an apartment or house is the key to order and peace of mind (mothers first of all), because even simple maintenance of order in this case is a task of increased complexity. It can and should be facilitated. To do this, you need furniture for children's toys - racks, shelves or a closet, as well as a decent amount of boxes, a drawer, bags and pouches.

Furniture for storing toys in the nursery

Furniture in the nursery is needed from the first days of life. And most often it is a chest of drawers and a bookcase. Only at first they are mainly engaged in linen and children's clothes, and toys take up little space. But gradually funny things - rattles, bears, cars, baby dolls, etc. it’s getting bigger, they need a separate place, and sometimes more than one.

The most convenient option is a rack. Not a cabinet with doors, but a shelf with open shelves on which drawers can stand. Storing toys in this form is optimal - and it is convenient for the child to get them out and clean them quickly.

At first, you can buy or make one rectangular rack and preferably with square cells. Now you will understand why ...

Rectangular square shelving

While the child is small, it can be put "lying" - as in the photo, with the long side on the floor. So it’s more convenient for a small child - he will first master what is below, then move on to the upper shelves. And safer - older children can use the shelves as a ladder, but in this position they will not climb high))

In a couple of years, the child will grow up, there will be more toys. You can turn the rack over and put it “in height”, and install a second one or make shelves in the vacant space. By combining several racks of different heights you get a children's toy storage system.

Different racks are assembled into toy storage systems

You can grow volumes gradually: buy a single rack or, as they used to say, a bookcase, then another one. The whole charm of the nursery is that they do not even have to be the same color. And if it excites you - paint them or choose a neutral color "under the tree."

Favorite toys can be stored in a grid on the headboard

Only a dozen buckets, and you have an original shelf for toys

Gradually one rack turns into a wall with toys

Cardboard boxes covered with cloth look great

This is a whole wall for children's toys

Different baskets - plastic or wicker

Simple and convenient, and the modular system allows you to scale up as needed

Plastic dressers in the nursery - comfortable and hygienic

How to organize toy storage: ideas

In the racks you can put different boxes, boxes in which to load small and not very toys. Please note that wooden crates (or from plywood, chipboard and other similar materials) are not the best option for young children. They are too heavy, trying to get toys, children often injure their fingers. They also have hard traumatic corners, which, of course, can be slightly rounded, but still they remain stiff. Such boxes are suitable for schoolchildren. They already have more strength, and coordination is better developed. And it is better to organize storage of toys for babies in softer and less traumatic plastic containers / baskets or in dense boxes covered with colored paper or cloth.

Heavy boxes are best replaced with light ones.

It is not so difficult to buy or make furniture for the wounded, but to teach a child to put his toys there is a more difficult task. For girls, the shelving can be designed as a house. Then she will herself resettle the "residents" and create conditions for them.

Rack for toys in the nursery for the girl

With boys, this option will not work. They usually have a lot of cars and the main task of storing the boy’s toys is to arrange the cars. To do this, you can make a wall-mounted garage. These are long narrow shelves on which the entire fleet is located. Other options are transparent pockets on the fabric (sold as shoe storage systems) or a shelf assembled from plastic pipes.

How to organize storage of cars (wall-mounted garage)

To stimulate the desire to "drive" cars into the garage, on the floor, you can make markings on the floor with masking tape, according to which "after the shift" they enter the parking lot.

The road to the parking lot

In principle, such pockets can be used to store doll collections and soft toys.

It is convenient to place dolls and soft toys in pockets on the wall.

When there are already not enough places on shelves and racks in the nursery, more ideas are needed. In addition to pockets, drawers (large) can be made under the bed or table.

Boxes under the bed - do not take up space, and you can hide there already bored toys

To prevent everything from being in bulk in large boxes, plastic baskets can be placed under the small things. So everything will be faster than in the general heap.

Toy storage must be organized correctly

Boxes can be installed in racks not only on shelves: it is possible to suspend them. To do this, grooves are cut out in the side walls, into which the sides of the baskets and baskets are simply inserted. You can take plastic baskets (if you find with sufficiently rigid sides), or metal ones - from the configuration of wardrobes or wardrobes.

How to install a toy basket in a rack

The largest free surfaces in the room are walls. They can be used. For example, attach a Velcro strip to the wall (side wall of the cabinet, lamp shade, etc.). Squishy toys on the backs also sew small pieces of such a ribbon. They will be easy to hang in place and remove. And the decor at the same time will become more diverse.

Velcro is one of the easiest ways to find a place for stuffed animals.

Mesh pots made of wire or plastic can be hung on the walls. They also have wonderful small dolls, teddy bears, bunnies or cars.

Instead of flowers in a flowerpot lay toys

You can borrow the idea from the kitchen: attach different bags to a horizontal pipe. To make the necks stiffer, you can tighten the hoop or sew an elastic wire.

Pockets or pouches on the pipe - another idea for storing toys in the nursery

Pockets are also made on wooden bases. It can be cut out of plywood, painted, nailed a few hooks, pockets and pouches. A mini toy storage system is ready.

One of the options for pockets for toys

But not everything can be attached to the walls. Some things require baskets or boxes. For example, sports equipment - all balls, balls and other shells. They are conveniently stored in wire bins.

A wire basket for storing sports equipment and large toys

If desired, the baskets can be attached to the walls and trained to hit the ball in the basket (away from breaking objects and windows).

Storage of toys from the category of "cheap and cheerful" - folding cloth baskets. Of course, they are inexpensive, they look good, but they break very quickly. Especially mesh: the toy snagged, the child yanked it .... a hole.

Folding cloth storage baskets for toys

No matter how parents try, children don’t really want to put away toys. Rather, they do not want to. In this sense, just the perfect bag mat.

Bag mat for quick cleaning

This is an ingenious decision: a “wall” is sewn along the edge of a round rug, a drawstring is made along its upper edge, into which the cord is pulled. To remove toys, just tighten the cord. The edges of the mat will rise and the mat will turn into a bag.

Quickly assemble toys easily

Then these bags can be placed somewhere near the wall or hung on special hooks. Really perfect.

DIY Toy Boxes

Looking at prices that are not at all for children for cute wicker or plastic baskets in stores, you think that the idea of ​​making colored toy boxes with your own hands is not so bad. You will need cardboard boxes made of thick (not corrugated) cardboard, most likely from under household appliances. You can try your luck with acquaintances: many manufacturers provide warranty repairs only if there is packaging. So people store boxes. The warranty period has long passed, but they forgot to throw away the packaging. These boxes are the best option for children.

Another option is to ask at department stores. They also often receive the goods in hard packs. For example, diapers, napkins, etc. come in these.

Papered with paper

From the found boxes, cut the lid. In the side walls (narrow) we cut openings-handles. All joints are glued with adhesive tape inside.

At the box, cut the lid, make holes in the sides of the handle

We take multi-colored paper. Great wrapping, in which gifts are packed. It is dense, there are a large number of different patterns. You can use scrapbooking paper. If the finish is made of paper of different colors, cut into strips of equal width, if we paste over with one pattern, measure the strip along the height of the box.

Glue paper

We take glue (PVA), brush the surface of the box with a brush and start gluing from the corner. We try to glue without bubbles, smoothing the paper gradually, from edge to edge. We put the next sheet with a slight entry not the previous one. So, until we glue all the surfaces.

Making pens

Looking at the light, cut out the scissors of the handle. To make the edge more accurate, glue the cuts of the handle with a thin strip of paper. Also stripe draw up the upper cut.

Ready-made homemade toy box

Sheathed with fabric

In this case, all the corners of the box can be glued with tape on both sides - it will last longer. Next, we take the fabric and cut out two sets of blanks according to the size of the box. One is strictly in size, plus an allowance for seams, the second is 1 cm smaller and also with an allowance. Add 0.5-1 cm on each side to the seams. You can cut the workpiece right away with the form of a cross, but this way the fabric consumption is obtained more - it is more economical in separate pieces))

Cut a double set of blanks from fabric and sew them

We sew the parts first in the form of a cross, then making a bag from the blank. Try on a box. We pull one (larger) from the outside, the second is straightened inside.


Now we take universal glue and glue the fabric along the perimeter of the bottom inside and out. Then glue it in the corners. So the fabric will not move.

Glue the fabric along the edges of the box

We turn the edges of both bags inside, we sew the box around the perimeter manually.

We trim the top of the toy box, cut the handles

Using scissors we cut the handles. Just don't cut large pieces. It is necessary to leave about 1 cm of "excess" tissue. We wrap it inward, hemming the handle.

Hemmed handle

Making pens, we get a ready-made box for storing toys.

Box ready

Decorated with a self-adhesive film