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Drip irrigation systems: manufacturers, equipment, reviews

Drop watering makes caring for plants several times easier, because maintaining the required humidity takes a lot of time and effort. In addition, the introduction of water under the root in small doses significantly reduces its consumption. And what's interesting: the yield of vegetable crops is becoming much higher. Assembling a drip irrigation system with your own hands from the components is, of course, great, but not everyone wants to look for components of suitable sizes. For this case, there are sets for drip irrigation. They contain everything necessary to provide water to a certain number of plants. Some of the most popular such sets will be discussed in the article.

If you need automatic drip irrigation of a greenhouse or garden, see the AquaDusya, Vodomerka and KPK 24K kits. For manual adjustment of the amount of water supplied to plants, Garden, Rosinka, ZhUK, KPK 24 sets and Harvest sets from the Tuboflex campaign are suitable. Almost all of them supply water from a tank (barrels installed at a certain height). From the water supply network (including the pumping station), the Garden and Aqua Dusya Water Tap equipment (tap) is running.

Set for drop watering of AquaDusya

This kit for automated or manual drip irrigation can be with or without automation, water is supplied from a tank raised to a certain height. The control unit, if equipped, is battery operated. Initially, it was intended for watering plants from greenhouses, therefore it is designed for irrigation of two beds. Since the greenhouse irrigation kit is small, there is a kit for increasing the length of irrigation lines.

The main difference between the AquaDusia system is the organization of water supply from the barrel: starter and reverse pumps are used. The principle of work is this. The pumps are laid at the bottom of the water barrel, the automation unit is fixed on the outside, the hose is thrown over the edge of the tank and then spreads out along the beds. Pencil-type droppers are attached to the hose, through which water is poured to the roots of the plants.

The set for drip irrigation AquaDusya is ideal for use in small greenhouses, it works with beds in an open ground

When giving a command to turn on, the feed pump turns on for one minute, providing overflow of water over the edge and diluting it through hoses, after which it turns off. Next, the water flows by gravity.

Having fulfilled the set period of time (in the presence of automation, the time is controlled by a timer), the reverse pump turns on, draws in a portion of air, shutting off the water supply and also turns off. The system remains in standby until the next power-up. This algorithm of operation allows you to save battery power: one set is enough for the whole season.

Types of Aqua Dushi and their features

There are two semi-automatic and automatic machines already discontinued from the AquaDusia 50+ model. Today they are not on sale, there are only accessories. Such a concern of the manufacturer about its customers pleases. They were replaced by a number of new products that are improved every year.

So there is the Aqua-Dusya Start (Stat) in the version of 2014 and 2015. The 2015 version differs in that the pump has become structurally different: its starter is waterproof and the rotor is hydraulically open. If necessary, it can be disassembled and cleaned. Otherwise, the systems are similar. They allow you to set the watering time: 60, 80 or 120 minutes, the water supply will turn on once a day, at the time when you first started it. This system is noteworthy in that you can only raise the capacity by 10-40 cm. This is the smallest height that can be easily achieved by placing several bricks under the bottom.

System for automation of watering plants

There is a set of AquaDus LCD. In addition, the display here is on liquid crystals, the number of modes has been increased: it has become possible to change the frequency of watering. The water supply can be switched on after 6, 12, 24 hours or after two and three days. The watering duration is selected more flexibly: from 10 minutes to 2 hours with a step of changing the interval of 10 minutes. Another new feature: added manual start button for watering. If there is heat, and your greenhouse or garden needs an additional portion of water, just press the button and watering starts. The next one will go according to the established schedule.

For those who do not need automation, there is "AquaDusya +60". It is designed to irrigate 60 plants, but can supply water to 100 bushes with an expansion kit. The barrel should be installed at a height of at least 1 meter. Start and stop irrigation occur in manual mode (turn the tap). This is a budget version of a drip system without automation suitable for those who have the ability to independently control the frequency and duration of irrigation.

This is Aqua Dusya tap - a very compact system for drip irrigation from the water supply

For irrigation not from a barrel, but from a water tap, there is a drip watering system Aqua Dusia Water Tap (tap) (from the barrel it is also possible, but it will have to be raised to a height of 3 meters). The system works with a pressure of at least 0.3 atm. The duration of the water supply can be set 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes. It can turn on after 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 24, 48, 72 hours. All control is concentrated in a small block, which is at the same time a valve that opens the water supply. Everything works from two 1.5 volt batteries.


“In our city, when I was buying, there was no AquaDusi, I bought it in Moscow, I paid for the delivery, but I have never regretted it. True, the hose that is thrown over the edge of the barrel is still pinched, but I pulled the spring and everything is fine. Distribution by drip is stable - I checked - dripped into the bank for a whole day at different ends. The difference is 200-300 ml, and about 1.7 liters per hour are poured. Harvesting is simply wonderful both from the greenhouse and from the garden. ”

Misha, Blagoveshchensk

“I have been working with drip irrigation of Aqua Dusya for two years. And the barrel is 25 meters away - I can’t get closer, otherwise they steal it. If the hose from the barrel is level (I built up) everything works, if there are hills and excesses - no. In general, I really like the system. There were no problems with her. ”

Bellgorod, Nikolai

I adapted one set of irrigation to two greenhouses. There were many alterations, I was tormented until I picked up the limiters so that the distribution of water was stable both in the near greenhouse and in the far. But nothing, everything has been working for three years and I am very pleased. ”

Victor, Moscow Region

“We had a negative experience: we were not at the cottage, and the operating time of the reverse pump was greatly reduced, because of which he did not turn off the water supply. The barrel is automatically filled with water from us. When we arrived, the greenhouse turned into a swamp and the neighbors also got a lot of water. So it turned out unsuccessfully. "

Valeria, Vologda

Water strider set

The Vodomerka drip irrigation kit consists of a controller, a filter, a main hose and several dozen droppers on thin tubes, which are installed in the holes made in the main hoses. The base kit comes with a 8 meter hose. It is proposed to divide into two pieces for watering two beds of 4 meters each. There is also a kit for an extension of 4 meters. It can be used simultaneously with the base for beds of 6 meters in length.

Set for drop watering "Water meter" - price and weight

The most interesting part in this set is the controller. It runs on two AA batteries and has no pressure requirements in the system. Actually, this kit is intended for distributing water only from the tank, it is not designed for pressure in the water supply network, and in this case it is not recommended to be used.

The capacity can stand at a height of 0.5 meters to 2 meters. The main condition is that there is enough pressure to fill the pipes. At the outlet of the tank, a filter is installed (included in the kit), and then there is wiring into the beds.

The controller allows you to set the frequency and duration of watering. Frequency: turning on the water supply after 2, 6, 12, 24 and 48 hours. The duration of the water supply in each inclusion is set from two minutes to several tens. That is, you can make it so that watering starts every 2 hours and lasts, say, 15 minutes, or you can make it so that the water starts once a day, but the water runs for an hour.


“I bought a set of drip irrigation“ Vodomerka ”only because the controller works with two batteries and there are no pressure requirements. No one else releases them. I searched for two years ... And then I bought it, turned it on, buzzing every two hours, water is dripping. It works for me."

Moscow, Ozhigovo, Victor

“For some reason my Water-meter doesn’t deliver water if I set a long interval: it doesn’t turn on after 24 hours or after 48. I’ll get lucky to change ... Although it works fine for a short time. ”

Moscow Region, Alexander

“It works well, but the batteries run out quickly. They would have made it work on battery power, it would not have a price. In general, I am satisfied, there is little water left, and the yield is good. ”


The installation procedure is demonstrated in the video from the manufacturer.

Gardena Watering System

This is a multi-component system with different types of droppers, and irrigation devices. There are devices for drip irrigation, there are sprinklers of various devices and types. Gardena drip irrigation is produced in Germany.

These devices work from the water supply system (including the pump station) and have their own filters that lower and stabilize the pressure in the system. The pressure stabilization device is called the "Master block", they are designed for a flow of 1000 l / h or 2000 l / h. A distribution hose is connected to them, to which various devices for supplying water to plants are then mounted.

Unique fittings are used to connect the pieces of hose, into which the hose is simply inserted. It is fixed with a special spring, ensuring tightness. If necessary, the connection is disconnected by pressing a special lever, the hose is released from the clamp and removed.

For drip irrigation, there are droppers of the following types:

  • with a fixed flow rate of 2 and 4 l / h;
  • self-adjusting at 2 l / h, allowing to supply the same amount of water throughout the irrigation line;
  • internal - is inserted into the gap of the hose with a fixed flow rate;
  • with adjustable flow from 0 to 20 l / h - terminal and internal

For more information about the drip irrigation and Garden irrigation system, see the video.

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Set for drop watering "Dewdrop"

This drip irrigation kit does not have automation. It is "started" by turning the ball valve on the supply hose. The Rosinka system consists of flexible elastic hoses that carry temperatures up to -45 ° C, fittings - crosses and tees, miniature dropper plugs. It is these droppers that distinguish her from her brothers. These are small devices that plug into the end of the hose. They are adjustable - they can supply water at a speed of 0 to 2 liters / hour.

The basic kit is designed for distribution under 50 roots, but it is possible to purchase additional components and assemble the configuration that you need.

The assembly is simple: a fitting is built into the barrel (capacity), a main crane with a valve is connected to it, and then the system is assembled from pieces of hose and fittings. How everything happens, see the video.


“I have been using this system for more than ten years in my country house. It works perfectly, but this is only a garden-summer cottage option, it does not make sense to put it on large volumes. Part has been standing for 10 years, part has certainly changed. What I like is that you can buy components without problems. A couple of times I forgot to remove them from the greenhouse for the winter. Nothing, survived. Last time I bought hoses. Compared to the old ones, they have become better: the walls are thicker and the reinforcement is thicker. So I continue to apply in the garden and in the country. "

Alexey Evgenievich, Yekaterinburg

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Drop watering "Beetle"

This drip set is ideal for greenhouse growing plants. Dissolves water from a barrel, which is installed at a height of 1-2 meters (working pressure 0.1-0.2 atm). It supplies to the roots of plants about 4 l / h, the amount of water supplied depends on the time of irrigation.

The “Zhuk” drip irrigation system is a budget option for organizing irrigation from a barrel in a greenhouse or garden

This system is not intended for use in cold weather. In autumn, it must be dismantled, washed, and preferably purged so that there is no water left. The “Beetle” kit is called greenhouse or greenhouse, because it is convenient to distribute water into four rows of plants - the most common option in small greenhouses in dachas or near the house.

Hoses are deep black in color, which reduces the likelihood of water blooming. If the droppers become clogged, you can open the faucet on the supply water pipe to the maximum so that the pressure can stand out. Most often it is either sand, or a plaque of bacteria.

The design of drip irrigation "ZHUK" provides a transparent tube for monitoring the water level in the barrel. Since the container is at a height of (1-2 meters), it is inconvenient to look into it to check the amount of water. This simple device makes it easy to track its level.

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Systems of the Uglich Plant Turboflex (Tuboflex)

This plant produces “Harvest” drip irrigation kits. The kits are intended for manual control of the water supply, but automation and controllers are sold separately. It differs from all those described above in that the distribution of water occurs by drip tubes. The range of kits is as follows:

  • Harvest 1. For irrigation 62 squares of vegetables, comes with a filter. The price is 2100 rubles.
  • Harvest 1-1. All the same, but without a filter, the price is 1700 rubles.
  • Harvest 2. Can irrigate an area of ​​40 square meters. m., comes with a filter, the price is 1100 rubles.
  • Harvest 3 - for drip irrigation of 22 squares of vegetable crops, the price is 800 rubles.

    Tuboflex Harvest 1 drip irrigation - equipment

Controllers for automation are single and dual zone. Two-zone is in mechanical and automatic execution.

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Set for drop watering KPK 24 and KPK 24K

Samara enterprise LLC PKF Istok produces KPK 24 drip irrigation sets with drip tapes. The configuration of the KPK 24K is different in that it has a controller, that is, the water supply is automated. The system is designed to supply water from the tank, the maximum pressure is 1.2 atm, so it is impossible to connect to the water supply network without a pressure reducer.

System Features:

  • drip tape 24 meters long, the recommended length of one irrigation line is not more than 6 meters;
  • tape wall thickness 0.2 mm,
  • the distance between the droppers is 30 cm,
  • water consumption 1.7 l / h,
  • working pressure 0.3-1.2 atm.

The kit comes with a filter for fine water purification, if there are a lot of contaminants, first put gravel. The method of assembling a drip irrigation system is standard: from the tap in the lower part of the tank, a supply pipe is mounted from a hose with an inner diameter of 15 mm (not included). Bringing to the beds, cut the hose, insert the tee (included), connect the tape of the desired length to the free exit. On the other side of the tee, a piece of pipe of the same diameter is installed. Its length is until the next tape. So you collect the whole scheme, in the last line of irrigation, not a tee, but a corner (used in the kit) is used.

Set of drop watering KPK 24

The controller in the KPK 24K kit provides ample opportunities for programming watering. The duration of the water supply is from 1 minute to 9 hours 59 minutes. There are sixteen programs that set the frequency of watering - from one to 16 times a day, and the time to switch on each watering is set to within a minute. It is also chosen on which days of the week to include water.So the KPK 24K drip irrigation system is really automatic.

There are restrictions on the minimum pressure: the controller will work if the pressure in the system is more than 0.1 atm (maximum 4 atm). When supplying water from the barrel, it should be installed 1 meter below the exit from the tank. Then there will be no problems with water supply. Another: for the main water supply, a hose with an internal section of 13 mm should be used. Power is provided by two 1.5 Volt batteries or alkaline batteries of the same capacity.

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