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Grounding System TN-C

This article provides you with a TN-C grounding system. Many may think why you need a grounding system. The answer is quite simple. After buying a private house or apartment, many people may encounter various wiring issues.

Many experts may advise making a ground loop or grounding equipment. So that you no longer have any questions, we decided to bring to your attention a number of articles on grounding. In this article, you will find detailed information on how to install the TN-C grounding system. If you are carrying out this grounding system, then you need to familiarize yourself with what current is more dangerous for humans.

Grounding System TN-C

The TN-C grounding system is considered the oldest. It has existed for a long time and, unfortunately, you can meet it in apartment buildings today. Grounding in this system must be done as follows:

  1. The ground loop must be carried out at the transformer substation.
  2. The neutral conductor must first be connected to the ground loop and lead to the consumer with one PEN wire.
  3. The PEN conductor should serve as a protective and working conductor.

The tn c earthing system diagram will help you deal with installation. She is depicted in the photo below.

As can be seen in the diagram, the wiring in this case should be performed by cables that have two cores. If your house has three-phase power, then the electrical wiring must have four cores. If the electrical enclosure is connected to the PEN conductor, then this type of protection will be called grounding.

TN-C grounding system and its advantages

This system has only one advantage. This advantage can be attributed to the fact that its electrical installation is considered simple and cheap.

System flaws

In addition to the advantages, the TN-C grounding system also has a number of disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that there is a high probability of electric shock. If you called a specialist, and he recommends installing this system, then you should refuse his services. Thanks to this, you can protect yourself.

How to fix the TN-C grounding system?

The TN-C grounding system must not be installed during the reconstruction or construction of new facilities. Organizations that serve the network of multi-storey buildings must necessarily carry out its reconstruction. The system must be replaced with newer TN-C-S or TN-S. Due to lack of funds, many organizations simply re-establish grounding. Then they simply share the PEN conductor:

  1. Zero working N.
  2. PE protective conductor.

If you yourself cannot determine which system is installed in your home, then you should call specialists.

potential equalization system.

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