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What color does lilac go with?

The choice of color scheme for its subsequent implementation in the interior allows you to tell a lot about the nature and personality of the owner of the room to be designed. The choice made in favor of an unusual look of a lilac shade distinguishes extraordinary and creative personalities. People who choose this color are characterized by light infantilism and sophistication.

Lilac, light purple and lilac colors add lightness to the room. The space is able to envelop the people in it, allowing you to feel yourself in a certain weightlessness, forgetting about time.

Not everyone is able to feel comfortable in rooms whose interior is made in lilac color. This is purely individual and may directly depend on the degree of intensity of the selected shade.

How to combine the color of lilac and the palette of its shades in the interior

The combination of lilac with white and light gray shades is considered to be a classic combination. Interiors made in such a color scheme are distinguished by tenderness and melancholy.

A combination with black, almost carbon color, will be harmonious. In this situation, the entire palette of shades of lavender will look much brighter due to the contrast.

The use of other colors and shades should be neat. An illiterate combination can spoil any, even worked out to the smallest detail, interior, and its owner being in such a room may not be comfortable.

Where the application of lilac shades is relevant

There are no special restrictions on the use of this color. But the implementation of the color scheme in:

  • children's rooms;
  • living rooms;
  • bedrooms;
  • design details and details.

For the implementation of interiors in children's rooms, lilac color with the entire palette of shades is often used. The undoubted advantage of using such a solution is its versatility. He can equally well be present in the rooms of girls and boys. Lilac color stimulates brain activity, but does not lead to child overstimulation, which is important. A room made in lilac variations can prompt the baby to develop new abilities and reveal his creative potential.

If the owner of the room sets the goal of making the living room an area for rest and relaxation, then the choice of this color will be very appropriate. Color saturation should vary depending on the desire to make a color accent. Having painted in a bright lilac plasterboard partition or wall section, you can place your favorite paintings or compositions from the photo. It will look original, but not pretentious.

In rooms intended for sleep and rest, pastel cold shades of lilac are acceptable. A bright accent in the bedrooms will simply not be appropriate.

As designer details and trifles made in lilac variations, you can use:

  • bouquets of flowers or vases / flowerpots of lilac shades;
  • pillows and other textiles;
  • Carpets or flooring.

In living quarters, color selection should be taken very seriously. The new owner of the interior should feel comfortable. Color should not crush and cause unpleasant emotions.

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