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Do-it-yourself bench from a profile pipe

A do-it-yourself bench from a profile pipe can become a real decoration of your suburban area. This is an inexpensive and practical way to create a summer cottage environment, which, in fact, can cope with any man.

Benches and benches from a profile pipe look great and last a long time. Of course, provided that you choose high-quality material for work. The City Metal online store offers its customers a wide range of building materials.

Here you can buy corrugated board, metal, profile pipe, fittings, knitting wire and other products at reasonable prices.

Let's go back to the bench, which we are going to do with our own hands. It makes no sense to make a bench completely metal - this way it loses a significant part of its functionality. In cool weather, sitting on a metal seat is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous to health.

The profile pipe is used only for the construction of the bench support - the frame and legs. The seat, if desired, you can make of wood or plastic.

The metal base will make the bench strong, stable and durable, and this is exactly what we need.

How to make a bench from a profile pipe?

The metal base, if you plan to use a profile pipe, has a lot of advantages over other materials, namely:

  • metal pipes are easy to “fit” into the design plan, which can not be said about the base of concrete or cast iron;
  • the pipe has a long service life, the bench will last you almost two dozen years;
  • the cost of the material is not so great, you will pay much more for a foundation of stone, concrete or cast iron;
  • the metal is not exposed to corrosion, resistant to various weather events and external influences.

Materials needed to create the bench:

  • metal profile pipe for the base of the bench;
  • boards for the seat and back;
  • bolts and screws.

For installation you will also need:

  • welding machine;
  • Bulgarian;
  • hammer;
  • hacksaw;
  • a means to protect wood from corrosion.

As for the bench seat, here you should pay close attention to the quality of wood and its origin. Experts recommend using a pine board, as it is the least susceptible to destruction by weather conditions.

However, coniferous trees have one significant drawback: they release tar on the cutting surface when they are in the sun. This often causes bench owners to spoil their clothes.

The solution here is a thorough wood treatment, first with protective compounds against fungus and corrosion, and then with paint or varnish.

Creating a drawing and model

No beautiful bench can be created by eye, without a drawing at hand. If you are the first to make something from a metal pipe, do not immediately try to create something complex, with numerous bends and decorations.

A drawing will make your work easier. According to the drawing, models or plazas are made - elements of thick cardboard or plywood in full size.

They are needed so that you can make the details of the bench symmetrical and the same. According to the drawing, each element is cut out.

When you start to bend the pipe, focus on the layout. It is better to bend pipes using a special tool. To bend the pipe just in the right place, it is heated with a blowtorch.

First you need to do all the details that will be involved in the work. Now you can proceed to the assembly.

Assembling a bench from a profile pipe

For assembly, you can use a welding machine (if, of course, you know how to use it), or screws and a screwdriver. This, incidentally, also depends on the severity of the proposed design. The taller and heavier the bench, the more screws you need to securely assemble it.

Assembly of the frame is completed by processing joints and seams. For this, we use either a grinding machine or a file. Seams need to be processed until the surface becomes absolutely smooth, without nicks.

The frame is ready. You just have to attach the back and seat to it with the help of all the same screws and screws. Do not forget to properly treat the tree with protective compounds from insects, fungus and mold.

The final stage of work may be the decor of the bench. Whether it is varnishing the tree or tinting the entire bench with paint is up to you.

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