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Storage systems for the bathroom

Small bathrooms are a hallmark of many urban flats. Of course, many people think, but does it need a lot of space? The bath seemed to fit, the sink, too, sometimes you can even put a washing machine in it, what's the problem then? But, in addition to the necessary equipment, towels should hang somewhere in the bathroom, hygiene products, washing powders and bleaches, as well as many other things, should be stored.

To place all this "good" you need various shelves, cabinets and similar furniture for storage, finding a place for which in a small bathroom is not an easy task. At the same time, the interior of the bathroom should remain comfortable and beautiful. Sometimes you can’t do without various design tricks, so we decided to tell you about them in our today's article.

So, in the interior of a small bathroom, hanging systems for storing bright colors may turn out to be very appropriate, which will not only decorate the room, but will also fulfill their direct function of storing things, and if necessary, they can be easily cleaned. This type of furniture takes up much less space than traditional shelves and cabinets, and you can even hang it on the bathroom door.

For dirty laundry, as well as some accessories, we recommend using wicker baskets. They are beautiful, and easily rearranged from place to place, which will save precious space.

Various corner stainless steel shelves located on the sides of the bathtub will also be appropriate. They can be used to store washcloths, shampoos and various bath gels. They will not take up much space, and will look very stylish.

If you prefer hanging cabinets in the bathroom, we recommend that you pay attention to models with a mirrored door. They occupy spaces no less than analogues, but due to the mirrors visually increase the interior. Thanks to this, it will seem lighter and fresher.

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