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DIY bench on the balcony (photo)

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Any balcony can be turned into a cozy furnished corner, where you can conveniently spend your free time for relaxation. To create the convenience of spending such time on the balcony, a bench-drawer is needed. Of course, you can bring a chair, a stool from the room and endlessly move this piece of furniture to the balcony or from the balcony, or you can build a stationary bench with a box with your own hands.

A bench on the balcony can be made in the form of a chest of drawers in which you can store things and on which you can relax. This will help save space on the loggia.


To make a bench with your own hands on the balcony, first of all, you need to prepare supplies and tools.

If the house has an old chest of drawers, then you can give it a second life by making it a bench with a drawer on the balcony.

Consumables can serve as old, but still durable furniture, which was replaced by a newer and more modern one. Using this type of material, you simultaneously get rid of clutter on the balcony, because for sure the old cupboard, drawer or table stood there before that. As fasteners, wood screws from 35 mm and more are used (this will depend on the thickness of the wood material). Too long a self-tapping screw can lead to cracking of the workpieces and a decrease in their mechanical strength.

Necessary tools

This figure shows how to make a bench for a balcony yourself. Its width is 400 mm, length - depending on the installation location. Cross and longitudinal boards are attached to supporting bars with screws. The seat is connected to the base of the bench with a piano loop. Pillows are placed on the seat and side.

The choice of an instrument is not limited to any specific mandatory list, since the world of the instrument is now wide and varied. Most often today they use a power tool, but you can also use a manual one. To mark the blanks from which the bench box is assembled, you need:

  • a range of 30-60 centimeters;
  • square for determining right angles;
  • level to control the assembly and connection of individual components;
  • jigsaw is useful for cutting individual workpieces;
  • electric drill or screwdriver for preparing holes and assembling.

An analog of a power tool in the form of a manual can be:

  • wood hacksaw;
  • hand drill or rotor;
  • a set of screwdrivers of various sizes.

To trim the bench seats, you may need a stationery knife and a furniture stapler.

DIY bench making

The assembly scheme of the bench-chest of drawers.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the location of the bench, as this location should be optimal and the bench should not clutter the balcony. The dimensions of the loggia in the standard type of apartments are small and therefore it is not efficient to produce a bench that will occupy more than 50% of the space. A folding bench along the window will be the best manufacturing option. The folding version of the bench implies the possibility of assembling it when not in use, but such a bench has a significant drawback - this is a small load, that is, as a rule, the entire load falls on the loops, which very often do not support the weight of a person. One of the convenient options may be a bench-chest of drawers, which in addition to convenience allows you to hide things and replace the drawer on the balcony.

To make a bench on a balcony with our own hands, we use two sheets of chipboard from an old cabinet. We mark the main details of the bench. The dimensions of the parts will depend on the usable area of ​​your balcony. The bench consists of 5 main parts:

  • sidewalls 2 pieces;
  • back and front walls 2 pieces;
  • top cover 1 piece.

If you intend to use the bench under the box for storing things, it is necessary to provide the bottom of the bench in the design. The dimensions of the rear and front walls, as well as the sidewalls, will be the same. After marking, using a jigsaw, sawing of blanks is carried out. The edges of the parts must be sanded. In places of future connections mark the location of the holes and drill them with an electric drill. It should first be clarified in which places the holes will be through. The bench is assembled in the following sequence. The rear wall of the box is attached to the balcony wall, to which two sidewalls and the front wall are subsequently attached. The box will be stronger if the side walls are fastened together with steel corners. Checking the evenness of the horizontal and vertical surfaces is carried out using a level and a square. At the end of the assembly, it is recommended that the particleboard surface be varnished. The top lid is hinged for convenient opening the inner compartments of the drawer. Also, the top cover of the bench can be trimmed with foam rubber and fabric for a soft seat.

Any thing made by yourself is a master’s pride, whether it is a bench on the balcony (loggia) or a box for storing food.

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