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Do-it-yourself benches for a summer house from a tree: photos, drawings

One of the attributes of a summer cottage is a wooden bench, where you can sit alone and read a book, or, conversely, sit in a fun company. I would like an ordinary shop to be very comfortable and at the same time be an element of garden decor. You can buy a ready-made option for the cottage, but it is not always able to satisfy all the wishes of the buyer. To make a dream come true, you can make a bench with your own hands. Such an exclusive creation is able to completely change the landscape of the cottage, and make the rest more comfortable. Some projects can be seen in the photo.

  • 2 Preparatory work
  • 3 Making DIY garden benches
  • 4 Design options for benches for summer cottages

    • 4.1 Ordinary bench with backrest
    • 4.2 Classic bench
    • 4.3 Table with benches
  • Choosing a place to install

    Before as proceed to design drawing, you must carefully consider the place where it will be installed. If you place the bench in a quiet and comfortable corner, near the pond or next to flowering flower beds, then it will turn into a great place for solitude and relaxation, where you can relax a bit after work in summer cottages.

    Quite often, garden benches are an integral part of arbors, verandas or summer areas. In this case, it is necessary to manufacture several products that must be designed in the same style. One example is a garden table made of wood, which has two benches on the sides, which represent a single structure.

    It’s best to set up the bench so that it has a beautiful view - front garden, flower garden or pond. It’s also nice to have the structure by the pool, on the playground or near the entrance to the house.

    Preparatory work

    Before starting work on making a garden bench made of wood with your own hands, you need to draw a drawing of a future product on a piece of paper. If you decide to create a garden bench with a back, you should carefully think about how the back will be attached to the seat. Depending on whether the bench will be portable or not, the legs are planned: for a non-portable design, they should be pretty tight fix in the ground.

    Thanks to the drawing, you can determine the amount of material needed. Basically, this design requires a small expenditure of funds, because in the country you can always find wood blanks that remain from the construction of the bathhouse or house. Also required fasteners (nails, staples, screws, bolts) and paintwork for wood processing. In the back room you can find the whole necessary tool. To make a wooden product with your own hands you will need:

    • plane;
    • jigsaw;
    • sandpaper;
    • pencil;
    • saw;
    • hammer;
    • roulette.

    DIY garden benches

    The best material for the manufacture of garden benches with their own hands is considered a tree. It is soft, easy to process and at the same time quite durable, and can last for many decades. Curly inserts, small and large parts, elements of different shapes and sizes are made of wood.

    The main details that make up a garden bench made of wood with your own hands are:

    • back and front legs;
    • a beam running along;
    • racks for back and seat;
    • going across the beam.

    Must follow consider all sizes, in this case, the drawings should come in handy. Even the smallest discrepancy will lead to the fact that you have to redo the entire structure. Parts made of wood should not have any defects, for example, knots or cracks, but if such wood cannot be found, then the defective place must be carefully processed.

    Do-it-yourself garden bench work begins with sawing boards. After this, a trial adjustment of the parts of the product is carried out. In this case, all the shortcomings and inconsistencies will be immediately visible, which is quite simple to fix at this stage. Boards are planed, sanded and cut over their edges. The bench begins to take shape.

    After preparing all the details begin to assemble the structure into a single whole. This should be done very carefully. You can connect wooden parts in various ways. The most common elements for this are:

    • screws or nails;
    • washers, bolts and nuts;
    • wooden chopsticks.

    The choice of a specific element depends on the load on the bench during its operation. For example, if it is made only for children, then it will be quite enough to use only nails or self-tapping screws. For more significant loads, nuts and bolts will be required. If the bench is designed for a bath, then the places of metal joints and the space around them should be masked.

    After preparing all the necessary details of the future bench and drilling holes, proceed to the assembly of the product, which consists of the following steps:

    • the base, consisting of legs, is assembled and screwed along the horizontal bar;

    • attach the crossbeams;
    • fasten the bars, which strengthen the structure and give it strength;
    • the last to fix the boards that are designed for the seat.

    At the end of the work on the manufacture of benches for summer houses, special stubs are made of wood. They are made with a jigsaw or an ordinary small hacksaw. For this small size, a round-shaped beam is sawed across into parts so thick that it equals the recess in which the bolt with washer is placed.

    Since the bench with the back is usually located on the streetthen it will be exposed to rainfall, rendering the tree unusable. To protect it, the product should be treated with an antiseptic. In addition, the wooden bench after impregnation must be covered with varnish, which is intended for outdoor use. As a result, the product will perfectly tolerate temperature fluctuations.

    Design options for benches for summer cottages

    Next, various types of self-made wooden garden benches will be presented, which can be seen in the photo.

    Regular bench with backrest

    If it is difficult to independently sketch, then you can use a ready-made drawing of an ordinary bench with a back for a summer residence. Such products can be found in city parks, at river stations, near shopping centers and theaters, that is, in those places where you have to spend some time on hold. This option is characterized by simplicity and speed of preparation and assembly of parts.

    For work, thick bars for support, boards or bars for the back and seat will be needed. Such a product is portable, because it can be moved to any other place. In order for the bench to stand smoothly without swinging, it is necessary to monitor the exact location of the parts during the installation of the supports, since any discrepancy will lead to skewing of the product.

    At the end of the work, all wooden parts are treated with special impregnation from mold or varnished with protective components. Such wood is not exposed to moisture, lasts much longer and retains its original appearance for a long time.

    Classic bench

    This option is more thorough than the previous one. Bench with rectangular backrest and seat, made with your own hands, looks great next to a brick, wooden or stone house. The backrest for such a product is a real find for those people who like to dream and embody their ideas in wood. Instead of straight vertical bars, you can use the trims, placing them crosswise.

    The horizontal crossbar located on top will look great if you cover it with colored ornaments or elegant carvings. Legs and armrests can also be made curly, but this already depends on the skill of the master. It takes a little time to make such a bench for a summer residence, and it will be possible to rest on it for more than one year.

    Table with benches

    Garden composition for a family holiday is represented by a comfortable table and two fixed benches. Such large parts as benches and a table are connected separately, after which everything is assembled into a single whole with the help of 4 lower bars.

    The table is represented by a tabletop with legs mounted crosswise. Shops are collected from boards or bars having different lengths. In conclusion, to give the structure stability, the benches are fixed and set the table exactly in the middle. Such a simple, but very comfortable table will allow you to get together not only for family, but also for friends, for evening tea drinking, socializing and relaxation.

    Thus, it is safe to say that it is quite simple to make benches for a summer house from a tree. They can be any form, and thanks to your own imagination you can create a real masterpiece. The photo in the article presents various options for the design of benches for summer cottages.


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