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Benches for a summer residence. A photo

Most people think that summer cottage is a place for complex physical work. But not everyone goes to the country to work in the garden. For some people, this is primarily a place of rest and relaxation. One of the elements of landscape design that is intended for relaxation is a bench.

For the garden, wooden benches are mainly used. Installed in a secluded place in a summer cottage, it will help to pass the warm evenings reading a book, drinking tea or just enjoying the surrounding nature. Also, a bench is a place where you can sit with friends and chat on different topics.

A big plus of a wooden bench is that it can be moved from place to place. If you are tired of one place, then boldly change it and continue your vacation. In addition, you can make a bench for the cottage with your own hands from improvised materials.

What are benches? Below I will give several options for country benches. You just have to choose.

Photos of benches for a summer residence

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