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Do-it-yourself bench from a profile pipe: technology, photo

If you want to make the atmosphere in your country house or cottage more comfortable, then you can solve this problem with the help of such a functional interior element as a bench from a profile pipe, which every owner can make with his own hands. It is worth noting that such products are not too popular among people who are accustomed to independently make furniture for their home or garden. For such people, wooden seats or similar plastic products are of more interest, the manufacture of which is an easier task.

Reason that metal benches are not very popular, lies in the fact that their manufacture is a more complex process, as not everyone will decide on this step, fearing that in the end it will be possible to create a design that will differ from the image in the photo.

In addition to this, most people have no idea about the features of the manufacture of benches, including those designs for which the main pipe can be a profile pipe. However, if there are drawings and exact adherence to the instructions, you can make sure from your own experience that making a metal bench is possible for anyone. Next, we will talk about the features of making benches made of metal with your own hands. After reading this article, you can be sure that you yourself can make your own bench for the summer cottage.


  • 2 manufacturing steps

    • 2.1 Materials and tools
    • 2.2 Pipe bending
  • 3 Decor

    • 3.1 Additional elements
  • Design manufacturing features

    Despite the fact that these structures are called metal, in fact, metal is used to create only support, the rest of the structure is made of wood.

    Metal is not the only material from which a support for a garden bench can be created. In addition, here you can select the following options:

    • concrete;
    • tree;
    • cast iron;
    • a rock.

    If we consider the cast-iron supports, it is necessary to note their greater weight and most often they are used in parks. A similar pattern is observed with concrete products. Due to their massiveness and difficulties with transportation in a residential area, they can be met extremely rarely.

    If you decide to opt for stone supports, then get ready for big expenses right away to purchase them. In addition, similar designs are limited in terms of design.

    As for the wooden poles, they seem to be a great solution, because they not only have an attractive appearance and low weight, but also provide for a large number of processing options.

    But the tree has certain disadvantages, the main of which is the difficulty in care, the need for protection due to the low resistance to parasites and fungi. It also does not tolerate various natural disasters. Say, if a tree interacts with moisture for a long time, this will cause it to swell and rot. Thus, the likelihood that the service life of such a bench is significantly reduced.

    Metal supports can be a rational option for summer cottages or a country house. The drawing attached to such designs is well understood by most owners. Also, these designs are resistant to corrosion processes and destruction, and, in addition, provide many opportunities for the implementation of various design ideas, which is largely achieved through the use of forged parts.

    As a rule, such garden benches serve at least 15 years. At the same time, they differ in affordable cost. In the plan and their manufacture, there are no special difficulties, and therefore even the layman can make a similar version of the product.

    Manufacturing steps

    One of the main reasons that makes metal a sought-after material for the manufacture of such structures is its availability, because it can be purchased at any hardware store. In addition to that you can save a lot in the manufacture of such a product, if your site has old metal parts, for example, from water pipes or cots. They can also serve as the basis for the manufacture of benches made of metal.

    Materials and Tools

    A metal pipe is not the only material that you will need to make a garden bench with your own hands. Also you pine boards should be availableOne of which 35 mm thick will go to the seat and the other 25 mm thick will be used to create the backrest. All your expenses for the purchase of materials will be a maximum of 1000 r. You will also have to take care of the availability of a number of tools:

    • Bulgarian;
    • welding machine;
    • paint for corrosion protection;
    • woodworking tool.

    Must be present in the presence of bolts, nuts, gloves and glasses, as well as a hammer and a hacksaw.

    It will be useful to bending tool, for the manufacture of which you can use the brake disc of the car. Using it, you can avoid damage to the pipe during bending.

    Pipe bending

    The bending procedure itself is performed as follows: first you need to take the cork and plug it into the end of the tube. After that, fine sand is collected in the pipe and closed on the other side.

    Next, the pipe is fixed in the device for bending so that it is securely fixed between the protrusion on the disk and the pin. Then you can start bending the pipe at the desired angle.

    Not always on the first attempt you can give the pipe the necessary angle. To simplify the procedure you can glow the bendusing a blowtorch. Following this recommendation, you can bend the pipe with little effort.

    In order for the furniture from the pipe to turn out to be of high quality, it is necessary to pay attention to the manufacture of parts that must have symmetrical dimensions. This problem can be solved with the help of a plaza, which is a kind of drawing of the contours of the details of the created bench, which are made on a sheet of cardboard or plywood.

    Next, they begin to fasten the structural components. To do this, you can use threaded connections or resort to welding.

    If you have to work with dural pipes, then for their connection with each other, only one option is possible - a connection based on screws and bolts. Welding for such pipes will be useless, since they are not amenable to it.

    The process of manufacturing a garden bench from a profile pipe is completed by processing the seams. To complete this operation you need a grinder, however, in its absence, you can use the file.

    Grinding is necessary until the joint area acquires a flat surface. Even before the finish of the frame need to remove scale from itthat may appear after welding.

    Having completed exactly all of the above steps, you will create a frame for the future garden bench. If everything turned out right, then you will have an extra reason for pride, since you completed the most difficult part of the work without the help of specialists.

    The last action will be seat frame installation, for which they use corners, fastened with self-tapping screws. After that, your bench is ready for use.

    To make the armrests, you have to use a pipe: you need to divide it into two fragments, each of which should be 75 cm long. Next you need to bend them using a pipe bending tool.

    Then these parts must be welded to the metal frame, after which they must be processed using a grinder or file. Finally, the armrests are painted.

    Having completed all of the above work, your bench will become more presentable. Thus, few people have the idea that you made it yourself.


    To decorate a bench from a profile pipe, you do not have to perform any complex operations. Here you can turn on your imagination and use the materials that you have available.

    If you do not want to trouble yourself with unnecessary actions, then you can do simply - paint your bench. But if you want to make it unique, then it would not hurt you to first familiarize yourself with the design photos that will help you decide on the style that will allow you to give your bench a suitable option, taking into account the concept of your summer cottage.

    Additional items

    The table will also be useful for the bench. The latter can also be made by you yourself. For this you can use a wide variety of materials:

    • metal;
    • plastic;
    • tree.

    Often a shop is the only element that decorates the site. In this case, it will not hurt to turn it into a central element that forms a recreation area. therefore a good solution would be to install it near a pond if there is one on the site. Also a suitable place for a bench would be a flower garden or fountain.

    To add comfort to your summer cottage, it is not necessary to purchase ready-made garden furniture. This task will help to solve the bench from the profile pipe, which can be made with your own hands. The technology of its manufacture is quite simple, therefore, having prepared all the necessary tools and accurately performing all stages of work, it is possible to create a beautiful and reliable design with minimal costs, which can decorate any summer cottage.

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