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DIY bench in the gazebo - an overview of the simplest solutions

After the construction of the main structure, other issues arise that need to be addressed. And the most priority of them is how to make benches in the gazebo as quickly and simply as possible. We will consider some of the most popular options and show unusual solutions, which, nevertheless, are very simple to make with your own hands.

Before starting work, you should stock up on everything you need: material and tools. In the process of work, do not rush so that it doesn’t work out, as in a popular proverb, and you don’t cut off the extra centimeters - it’s unlikely to be attached back.

In the photo - if you approach the question correctly, you will get a great bench for the gazebo

What you need to have before starting work

In order to carry out all the work efficiently and achieve an excellent result, you must have at hand the following necessary materials and devices:

  • Wood for the manufacture of benches, it can be slats, bars, planks and even whole logs. It all depends on the chosen model. In addition, you may need various metal elements and mounting brackets.
  • Self-tapping screws of the desired length. Many still use nails, but this is not very aesthetically pleasing, and the strength of the joints with self-tapping screws is incomparably higher. Fastenings do not loosen and hold securely for a very long time.
  • A hacksaw for wood, many use an electric saw or a jigsaw, but if they are not there, you can handle it with an ordinary hand saw.
  • A screwdriver, since you are unlikely to succeed in screwing a self-tapping screw into dry wood with a screwdriver. In addition, if you will use bolts or ties, you will need to drill holes.
  • Tape measure or meter and marking pencil. This is also important, as the cost of error can be spoiled material.
  • A few sheets of sandpaper of different roughness, with its help you will smooth the surface and smooth out all the corners on the bench.
  • If there are flaws on the surface or you want to hide the hats with screws, it is worth stocking up with putty on wood.
  • Impregnation or varnish for wood. If you decide to paint the product with paint, determine the color and purchase in advance. You should not paint with the remains of paints from the pantry - this can ruin the bench, which took a lot of work.

Impregnation does not obscure the natural beauty of wood structure

In addition to the main set of devices, other items may be needed: a planer, chisels, a hammer. It all depends on the model chosen and the quality of the material. It is also very good to make drawings of the bench in the gazebo with your own hands. You can take a ready-made project and make at least a sketch yourself - this way you will better understand the design features.

Bench designs - from simple to complex

Consider several options for the execution of benches, which are most often used by novice carpenters. Having made them, you will certainly want to create something original.

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Bench combined with a gazebo

The easiest option due to several factors:

  • You will need one or two boards for a seat and several bars for supports - that’s all.
  • All elements are attached directly to the gazebo, this ensures rigidity and strength of the entire structure.
  • Here you do not need to cut various elements figured - everything is cut exactly to size, which significantly reduces the likelihood of errors and miscalculations.

A great option for the gazebo, which almost everyone can handle. The main disadvantage of this solution is that the bench cannot be moved to another place - it becomes part of the construction of the gazebo.

The simplest bench in the assembly process - here you can do without a project

Classic bench

This type is very common in rural areas due to ease of manufacture and high reliability..

Materials needed to assemble the bench

To do this, you need only one board with a thickness of 40 mm of the desired width and length. What is the optimal width - you decide, and what the length will be, depends on the size of the gazebo (the bench should be shorter by 20-30 cm).

2 pieces 40 cm long for legs and about the same fragment for stiffeners are cut off (sawing it diagonally, we get 2 amplifiers). After that, triangles are cut out at the bottom of the supports - these will be the legs and the structure is assembled using self-tapping screws.

The result is something like this product

Such a bench will serve you for many years, the main thing is to timely cover it with protective compounds and, if possible, clean it in the garage or pantry for the winter.

Bench with a back from bars

Simple but very attractive bench in the gazebo

Such a bench for a gazebo with your own hands is done quite quickly and simply. To make it, you do not need a few-page instruction, everything is quite simple and clear.

Its main features:

  • It is completely assembled from a bar 40 * 50, 40 * 60 and other sizes. The main thing is that the material is sufficiently durable and dry.
  • The width of the structure and its height are chosen by you independently, based on the characteristics of the arbor and the height of the table.
  • For greater comfort, a bevel is made in the upper part of the support for the back, but if it is not there, it's okay - just the back will be straight, and not slightly inclined.

The advantage of this modification is its versatility - on the basis of this project, you can make many benches using both timber and boards. If you wish, you can also include armrests, but in the gazebo, as a rule, they interfere more than they bring benefits.

Tip: a bench with a backrest is necessary in arbors, where you can not lean on the railing (if, for example, they are made of polycarbonate or PVC fabric).
If the partitions are reliable, you can get by with classic benches.

Classic bench

Such a bench for a gazebo with your own hands is only possible for those who have equipment with which you can make curly cutting of the beam. In addition, at the junction of the legs, it is necessary to make a recess in the half-tree to the width of the beam.

In principle, these elements can be ordered from a carpenter, it will cost a little, and the rest of the work to do on their own. As a result, you will get a great bench, which will become a real decoration for the gazebo.

In this drawing, all dimensions and the number of components for assembly are given

Metal bench

Currently, in shopping centers you can buy ready-made supports for benches. Most often they are cast from a cast iron alloy. You can also order products for the gazebo, made by artistic forging.

You will not be bothered by the question of how to make a bench in the gazebo. After all, it is enough to purchase the bars of the required length and fasten them to the supports with the help of furniture bolts. And that’s it - the bench is ready.

This option is a great solution even for those who do not want to lose a lot of time assembling furniture.
Attaching the bars to the backs is very simple, but you will save up to 50% of the amount that the finished product would cost.

With the help of ready-made supports you can achieve excellent results.

Another interesting option

After you make the benches for the gazebo with your own hands, you can make several chairs. They are very simple to manufacture, do not take up space and can be used not only in the gazebo.

An interesting option - an African chair

The chair consists of two boards and is easy to fold. For its production you only need a jigsaw, but then you can surprise your guests with such an original solution.


Whichever option you choose, it is important to remember that the bench should be comfortable. And no matter how it is made - simply, or with an abundance of decorative elements. The video in this article will help you better understand this topic.

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