Repair and design

Scandinavian living room

Scandinavian simplicity and convenience are concentrated in the interior shown below. In lighted areas of this interior looks great wooden furniture. The key to this solution is the functionality and convenience obtained through simple means and low cost.

Creamy beige, gently turquoise and fresh green make up the main color base in the living room. Walls with a small gap separate the hallway and the living room, painted in gold and green. Such shades combine well with the existing conditions in the apartment, adding freshness and life inspiration to it.

A clear accent is the lack of textiles, even instead of traditional curtains, metal blinds are used, which easily collect dust.

The dining table located in the living room provides a feeling of comfort, encourages the whole family to gather for a friendly dinner, and children can also do homework. The installation of a table on the border between the kitchen and the living room, parallel to the wall with windows, helps to resolve the issue of the rest of the furniture.

Watch the video: How to decorate your home. Scandinavian home decor with Desenio. AD (January 2020).