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Garden bench in the country: design ideas (30 photos)

Country Bench Decor Ideas

Garden bench is an integral part of landscape design. With the help of such a bench, you can arrange a corner for relaxation on any site. It helps to create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness on the site. A bench can be a favorite place to relax, read a book or have a conversation. Such designs are made of various materials: wood, metal, stone, plastic. The material for the garden bench can be various residues of building materials, car tires and even very inconspicuous snags. When choosing material for a garden bench, it should be remembered that a summer cottage is an ecological corner where you want to relax from city noise, so the use of organic materials will be reasonable. What to make garden benches.

Bench flower bed in the country

The garden is perfectly complemented by a bench with small flower beds. Such a bench can easily be built with your own hands. Work should begin with the assembly of flower boxes. Then the back and seats are going. You can fix the entire structure using special furniture corners.

Bench around a tree

In the shade of a large spreading tree, you can install a circular garden bench, which will become a place where you can hide from the scorching sun on a clear summer day. This design is easy to install on your own. To build a circular bench, you can use almost any material at hand: boards, metal pipes, poles. A circular bench can be installed around a small garden fountain or a beautiful flower bed. The advantage of such a bench is that it can hide from the hot sun at the same time a large number of people and at the same time the whole structure does not take up much space in the garden.

Bright bench with mosaic in the garden

A bench decorated with bright mosaics will create an atmosphere of a constant fairy tale and a bright holiday in the garden. In addition, such a garden bench is very practical. She is not afraid of either snow or rain. Soda benches decorated with mosaics can amaze everyone with bright patterns and original shapes. Such an original bench can be made from the most ordinary design. Anything can be material for a mosaic: a battle of dishes, tiles, colored glass, pebbles, bottle caps, etc. What else to decorate with a mosaic.

Garden bench under a canopy

A full place to relax in the country will be a bench under a canopy. On such a bench, you can spend time talking or retire to read your favorite book on a clear sunny day, or hide under a canopy in the rain. You can assemble the structure yourself in a few days.

Seats for such benches are usually made of wood. It can be solid, or consist of several wooden bars connected to each other. The seat can also be made soft. To do this, fix the entire surface with liquid nails or glue foam, pre-fitted with a cloth. In the same way, you can decorate the back of the garden bench.

Canopy for the bench can be made of boards, plywood, polycarbonate, metal. If the structure is made of plywood or boards before its installation, all wooden parts must be coated with paint or varnish. This will extend the life of the canopy and protect it from exposure to various pests and moisture.

Stone garden benches

Benches made of stone are not very convenient to use, but they can bring the spirit of antiquity to the design of a summer cottage, as they always look like not from our time. It is possible to use the stone bench for its intended purpose only in the warm season and at the same time direct sunlight should not fall on it, otherwise the bench seat will be too hot. The disadvantage of stone benches is their rather high cost.

If you take unprocessed stones as a material, then you can make an interesting design for the garden yourself. Such a bench is suitable for landscaping, made in the style of Japanese minimalism.
An excellent alternative to a garden bench familiar to everyone can be a stone-lined form in the form of a soft chair, covered with a lawn turf.

Forged benches

Forged garden furniture looks very elegant and does not burden the design. But it is better if the forged elements in the furniture are combined with wood. Such a bench will look great both under a forged arch or perlogue, and surrounded by garden trees and shrubs. Most often, forged elements are used as legs and handrails. The back and seat of the bench are made of wood. Forged elements are good in that they can be made based on any sketch, thereby choosing a bench design for every taste.