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Scandinavian style bedroom

The Scandinavian style of the interior, first of all, is distinguished by the fact that it perfectly emphasizes the combination of functionality and aesthetics, thereby speaking about the unsurpassed taste and practicality of the owners of the house. This style is probably suitable for any room in the house, but it is especially good in bedrooms, making them bright, light, but at the same time very cozy.

Especially for you, we have put together a small selection of beautiful and original bedrooms, decorated in a unique Scandinavian style. Well, it's time to start dating, and find out what distinguishes it from other styles?

For starters, forget about the brightly colored walls, leave this solution for other more elaborate style. In Scandinavia, for wall decoration, they prefer to use wallpapers of gentle pastel colors. The best material for the floor will be wood - parquet or natural flooring, giving a little rustic style to the room. To make the floor more comfortable, a soft and fluffy bedside mat will help.

As for the furniture, it should be wooden, simple and not overload the interior, that is, it should be a minimum. A comfortable enough bed, a pair of chairs, bedside tables and a small closet for storing bedding and home clothes. Speaking of linen, it should fully correspond to the interior of the room, that is, preferably natural cotton and pastel colors. The same applies to all room textiles and even bathrobes, pajamas and other clothes. Running to the store for Scandinavian goods is not necessary at all, for example, our domestic, Ivanovo knitwear is also suitable, but at the same time avoid too bright colors and synthetic materials.

Let's go back to the Scandinavian-style bedroom interior, judging by the color, it turns out to be light and quite spacious, but a little boring, lacking a "highlight". Several bright accessories, such as paintings or photographs hanging above the bed, will help to revive the interior. An interesting solution would be to put in the room chairs of two styles - colorful ultramodern and sedate antique. An original chandelier hanging in the center of the room can also serve as a bright spot, and wall sconces above the bed will allow complementing the composition, giving soft evening light especially for reading books before bedtime.

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