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Scandinavian style in the interior

If you plan to use the Scandinavian style in the interior, take care of buying new furniture at // You will certainly need it, because the Scandinavian style is very special and unique.

As you might guess, the tradition of decorating the house in the Scandinavian style came to us from the northern countries of Europe. Here, the design of living rooms is given special attention.

This can be explained by the special climatic conditions in the countries of Scandinavia. The harsh climate makes residents seek refuge in their own homes, so the house must be cozy, warm and comfortable.

This prompted the Scandinavians to create their own interior design, unlike other existing ones, and taking decades to develop. Thus, the special atmosphere in the house allows you to feel comfortable and safe, even if the weather outside the door.

In addition to comfort, you can also note the special functionality of the interior in the Scandinavian style. Here he is close to the modern directions of creating a home interior. The items that you use when creating the Scandinavian style are comfortable and functional.

Scandinavian style is distinguished by lightness and simplicity of the interior. He cannot but like, attracting to himself with his laconicism in combination with home comfort. Take a closer look at the Scandinavian style if you want harmony and tranquility in the house.

Consider the most striking trends in the design of a house in the Scandinavian style. Here, believe me, there are tricks in creating the right interior.

How to create a Scandinavian style in the interior?

Let's start with the finishes and colors. In color, the Scandinavian style may resemble a little Provence style in the interior. Here, the main color will be calm and light, for example, white, gray, beige, less often blue.

However, there are still differences between the Scandinavian and Provencal style. First of all, this concerns the method of decorating rooms. In the Scandinavian style you will not find deliberate negligence, carelessness, "disheveled", which can be found in the style of country or Provence.

On the contrary, clarity, conciseness and order are important here. Each item, each decor element, ideally, should have its own place.

Despite the apparent simplicity, the Scandinavian style is quite difficult to reproduce, since it is characterized by the use of a complex of parts that are not so easy to combine with each other.

  • Pastel colors in the interior should prevail.
  • The monotony and fadedness of the interior is diluted using bright accents.
  • The Scandinavian-style room should be lit as much as possible by natural light sources.
  • The colors used in the interior are usually natural, natural: blue, green, red, burgundy, brown and so on.
  • Accents of color should be precisely accents, and not occupy half the room.

When creating a Scandinavian interior, designers pay special attention to the materials used. Here, naturalness is preferable, which creates a unique cosiness and body in the house.

Natural fabrics, wood, metal, leather, ceramics, fur - all these are the best materials for creating the interior of your apartment. Natural materials are not only pleasant to touch, but also quite environmentally friendly.

Most residents of the Scandinavian countries are sensitive to the environment and preserve it in its original form, so the choice of materials here is short-lived.

Yes, and you can create unique comfort only with the help of an abundance of textile elements, but not with the help of plastic objects. Ceramics, including handmade, look especially organically and quite unusual in the Scandinavian interior.

Now let's turn to the furniture in the interior. Here, as you might guess, it is also preferable to use natural materials. Very light in light Scandinavian interior looks furniture made of light wood, which does not have a finishing decorative coating.

It is also nice to use rattan furniture in the interior if it is not too voluminous and is suitable in color and style. For furniture upholstery, suede, fur, linen, leather, cotton can be used.

There are rules in the arrangement of furniture and features of the layout of the room. In the Scandinavian style, the furniture should be arranged in such a way that there is maximum free space in the room.

  • This, firstly, results in a light and natural atmosphere filled with light and air.
  • And secondly, it makes the room not just beautiful, but functional and comfortable for living.

All the decor elements that you use should be simple, concise, but original. When a decorative element has its own character, the room comes to life and is filled with life.

Upon closer inspection, the Scandinavian style is a very organic and nice option for home design. You and your family will surely like it.

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