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Scandinavian bedroom

What unites the Scandinavian style: it is persistence, coldness, Nordic notes from the bedroom to the strict living room and kitchen, which is distinguished exclusively by hygiene and functionality.

Lack of excess items, a mandatory permanent place for existing parts. In general, at the initial inspection, an impression of coolness, perfect cleanliness is created. All this is dictated by light pastel shades, even light shades of different colors - this is a kind of “challenge”, only white and blue (as an echo of ice and constant snow) can exist on a full-fledged existence “without protection”. Other gentle palettes must prove their justification by combining with another interior, discreet wallpaper pattern, or embroidery.

For example, a bedroom in a Scandinavian style is characterized by the virgin whiteness of walls, bedding, bedspreads. The bed, as the most significant item, can be with cold metal elements, wooden painted can. Furniture - at the very least - a cupboard, chest of drawers and a chair - this is a condition of style. The coloring of the furniture is also not pretentious, it is desirable to paint it with a white (cream) color. But simple and small does not mean cheap, in the north of Europe the quality and style are in high esteem, therefore, luxury bedding or fashionable designer furniture will be an excellent solution for a Scandinavian bedroom.

The same applies to other accessories and room colors. The chandelier can be any form of gentle pastel colors. The floor is basically a boardwalk, but since it is a bedroom, you can go a little back and lay a very light covering (for example, a woven rug or carpet). The Scandinavian style does not tolerate excessive accessories, everything should speak of refined modesty. The room should be spacious, so only one furniture accent is allowed (in the bedroom it is a bed).

Ancient needlework, for example, embroidery on a canvas or the treatment of pillowcases with handmade white lace (using a hook 0.5 and white iris), accentuates this style very favorably. Drawings in this style are applicable discreet, small in size, the predominance is a simplified stencil. Perhaps embroidery (application) of a modest northern bouquet, landscape motif. Of the accessories in the bedroom, you can add, except that, toiletries and an antique (or antique) porcelain sink or wash jug. In principle, the main rule is minimization and dimness, but this rigor in an excellent combination of color and texture is truly mesmerizing!

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