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Scandinavian style in the interior. A photo

A number of features are inherent in the Scandinavian style in the interior, among which the main ones are freshness, seriousness and elegant restraint. The design is characterized by environmental friendliness, as well as the predominance of one calm color scheme, mostly white. Even accessories should not be contrasting, but in tone.

The living room, decorated in the Scandinavian style, should be filled with air and deprived of unnecessary. So, the walls should be made in pastel colors, and let the furniture be made of natural light wood. Legs should be with graceful bends, profiles should also be attractive, refined. Accessories must be selected with particular care. They will serve as a decoration for a standard set consisting of a sofa, armchairs, a bookcase, a coffee table. Curtains should be impeccably light, practically airy, so that the room "breathes". Decorate your furniture with living arrangements in beautiful vases.

The Scandinavian-style bedroom is romantic, cozy, with a predominance of gentle warm colors. Furniture should be simple and at the same time comfortable. The floor is covered with a soft fleecy carpet. For lighting, sconces and floor lamps that emit soft diffused light are ideal.

The kitchen, the interior of which is made in the Scandinavian style, differs mainly in rationality in the use of all useful space. All furniture should be located correctly: for each corner to perform any function. To add spaces (at least visually) will help all the same light shades of walls, ceilings and furniture that are unchanged for this style.

A Scandinavian-style bathroom should not contain anything extra. It is better to leave in it only that which serves for hygiene procedures.

Thanks to all the features, the design of an apartment in the Scandinavian style will suit people with different characters and preferences.

Scandinavian style in the interior. A photo

And now, as always, the chic interior of the apartment is made in the Scandinavian style - white, light, light and fluffy.

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