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Scandinavian style in the interior photo

The Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment is currently at the peak of its popularity throughout the world, and in Russia in particular. And this is not surprising: the grace and lightness of the Scandinavian interiors will not leave anyone aside. And the desire to fill your home with warmth and light is especially close to any resident of the harsh climate.

This direction has appeared, as the name implies, in the latitudes of the Scandinavian countries where Denmark, Sweden and Norway are located. In addition, Finland and Iceland can be attributed to the discoverers of the Scandinavian style. The climatic conditions in all these states are rather complicated, and of course the circumstances of the population's residence were severe. With these points in mind, everyday life has developed, and, accordingly, the interior of the houses of the local residents. Over the centuries, pagan cultures have made a huge impact on the Scandinavians - as a result of which they have a special relationship to natural wealth, and hence the preference for natural building materials.


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Scandinavian style in the interior

Well then, let's take a look characteristics Scandinavian style in the interior of the room.

Since the sun's rays do not often break through the clouds in a harsh, harsh atmosphere, it is important to fill your home with light as much as possible. As a result of this, we see in many Scandinavian interiors a huge amount of white: floors, ceilings, and walls are usually painted with light tones.

The windows - there are usually about two or three of them for one, even the smallest, room - are decorated with a light transparent tulle, letting in even the weakest so precious daylight, and often completely lose curtains.

Artificial lighting is used here quite dynamically: although a large number of floor lamps, sconces, chandeliers and lamps can not replace the natural daylight, it will make it possible to fill the interior with light to the maximum Scandinavian style houses.

The color spectrum of the interior in the Scandinavian style

It is quite peaceful and natural, evokes associations with the Baltic Sea: gray shades of ice water and a stormy sky, soft tones of shores hidden behind fog, natural warm colors of stone and wood, pale yellow coastal sand. In addition, warm shades - amber, sunny, sand - the inhabitants of the Scandinavian countries tend to apply in the interior as often as possible. With their help, Scandinavian interiors acquire the most sunny and comfortable atmosphere.

Some items of decor and furniture in dark colors, preferably look in contrast with white. Against a calm background, juicy color accents can often appear, reminding with their brilliance a glass of glass in the middle of light sands. Bright details, however, are not decisive here - they only once again emphasize the not complex tonal palette of the interior.


Simplicity is another characteristic feature of the Scandinavian-style interior. As a result of this, the facing is not the most difficult. Wall structures are finished with an even layer of plaster and painted. One of the wall structures can be pasted using bright wallpaper (How to choose wallpaper for the bedroom can be found here). In some places, brickwork may appear.

The ceiling is often smooth, white. Multilevel ceiling structures are useless.

The floor is usually wooden - boards are bleached or tinted. The Scandinavian style in the interior of the kitchen is reflected, firstly, with a floor covering in the form of natural stone tiles or ceramic floor tiles.

Building materials in Scandinavian interiors natural and simple are also used: glass, natural stone, wood, ceramics. But when creating modern interiors, you can also apply budgetary new decorative materials, for example plastic.

Scandinavian style furniture

It so happened historically that this design line developed for rooms with a small area. As a result of this furniture, a small number is used here so as not to burden the surrounding space (it is unforgettable that the most important thing for such interiors is sunlight) and to reduce cash costs.

For this, the furniture here is folding (armchairs, chairs) or universal (tables, books, sofa beds). Furniture is made from oak or beech wood, from peeled veneer, as well as from vines. It does not have to be expensive; the latest decorative building materials, such as chromed metal, plastic, can also be used. In appearance, these are not heavy structures, mainly all furniture is on legs.

Bright Scandinavian interiors


Although the Scandinavian interior looks rather sparingly, this style is difficult to attribute to minimalism. The presence of decor, albeit modest and moderate, allows the Scandinavian-style interior to become more comfortable and family-friendly. In the role of decorative details, posters or photographs often framed by not wide rustic frames or, in principle, without them, are often used here.

Another popular way to decorate is with decorative art elements (in other words, hand-made): pillows, rugs, juicy napkins, and even small floor mats. And of course, living plants are an indispensable decorative element for the design of Scandinavian interiors.

Textile for such interiors is quite important. The fabric is applied natural and ordinary. It is often monochrome or with a rustic repeating pattern or some ethnic motifs. You can usually find linen wraps on chairs and armchairs.

Scandinavian style interior

Designing apartments in the Scandinavian style obliges to dwell on it in more detail. In the dwellings of this direction, minimal use is welcomed, of any partitions and, for some cases, even internal doors: here daylight must pass without any interference.

Scandinavian living room

If we summarize all of the above, we can draw such a conclusion.

The Scandinavian-style interior should be used if:

  • Your house or apartment is gloomy and small in size;
  • You do not have a large budget allocated for apartment renovation, but I really want to create a beautiful non-standard interior design. A small number of furniture and minimalistic cladding will not oblige to a large cash outlay. And you can even pick up some furniture elements (after some restoration procedures) from the dacha: since vintage is at the peak of popularity at the moment, and pieces of furniture from the 50s-70s of the 20th century will suit the Scandinavian interior design as well as possible style.

Scandinavian style in the interior photo

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