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Fairy mood

Modern decorations for Christmas trees is a riot of colors, shapes and patterns. No matter what colors you imagine your Christmas, there will be no problems, as the modern market is ready to provide the consumer with exactly those jewelry that he dreams of, for any color and taste. Dress your Christmas tree brightly, generously, let it shine, sparkle and brighten cold winter evenings with its splendor. To create a festive mood, arrange vases with spruce branches throughout the house and hang Christmas wreaths.

Despite the large selection of modern toys, do not forget about the traditions of their ancestors. Classic glass balls and large beads with garlands get along well with modern toys purchased at the store.

Decoration that can be anything that creates a festive mood - branches, garlands, ribbons, feathers, crystal pendants, lamps, candles. Even modest decorations will look very beautiful in Christmas lighting.

Remember also how once in childhood, you and your parents cut out angels, snowflakes and lace from paper to decorate a Christmas tree with them. Do the same with your children and you will see how much joy this joint lesson will bring and how handmade toys will look beautiful and warm on the Christmas tree.

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