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Scandinavian style in the interior (40 photos)

Scandinavian style in the interior

Scandinavian style will not leave anyone indifferent. The interior in this style attracts with its simplicity, ease and naturalness, since in cold Scandinavian countries it is not customary to pursue luxury, equipping your home. This warm and cozy style in our country is becoming more and more popular, and this is not surprising.

Colors in a Scandinavian interior

In the interior of the Scandinavian style, as a rule, light shades prevail: beige, light green, light blue, light gray, light brown. But the base color is without a doubt white. To make the room look more lively, you can add several bright, color accents to the interior. For these purposes, small objects of red, blue or green color are suitable.

Prevailing materials for the Scandinavian style

When decorating the interior in the Scandinavian style, only natural materials are allowed. With their help, the house will become more comfortable. You can safely use linen and cotton fabrics, leather and furs, wood, natural stones, metal, glass and ceramics.

Furniture for Scandinavian interior

Distinctive features of Scandinavian furniture are functionality and practicality. There should not be anything superfluous in the room, only the most necessary furniture elements are present. As a rule, furniture is made of light wood, such as: birch and beech, sometimes spruce and pine are also used.

Scandinavian style windows

Scandinavian houses are filled with light as much as possible, and it is better if it is natural, sunlight. Therefore, the windows should be large, and the curtains used on the windows are very light and allow maximum light to pass through. These are mainly curtains made of cotton and linen. The windows are installed wooden and painted in the same tone with the floor.

Scandinavian style walls and floors in apartments

For wall decoration it is best to use beige or white plaster, light gray or light blue paint. They will make the room more comfortable, the walls decorated with wooden panels. To cover the floor, a laminate or parquet board is suitable. It is better if the floors are done in bright colors. Plain fluffy rug or patchwork track will help to create a more homely and lively atmosphere. For decorating walls and floors in the bathroom, it is better to use pale blue or white tile.

Accessories and decor of Scandinavian style interior

The interior, made in the Scandinavian style, does not imply the presence of a large number of decorative elements. All accessories used should be bright and simple enough. Do not forget about the originality and naturalness of the little things characteristic of the Scandinavian style. Even the most ordinary glass vases are able to refract the sun's rays to decorate the room. Dry flowers or branches can be placed in vases.

The use of mirrors is also welcomed, they will not only visually expand the space of the room, but also fill it even more with sunlight. Harmonious decoration of any room in the Scandinavian style can be steel candles, textiles, metal objects and porcelain. Nor can one imagine the Scandinavian style without shaggy, fleecy carpets, thin rugs with floral prints, ceramic or clay objects.

For residents of the Scandinavian countries, a marine theme is a very important element of the decor. On the walls you can put pictures of fish or ships. Another distinguishing feature of the Scandinavian style is the large number of family photographs on the walls. Wicker baskets with fresh flowers will make the room warm and cozy.

Bright accents in Scandinavian interiors

The interior, made only in bed colors, looks rather dull and faceless. Bright accents will give a special highlight to such an interior. Bright pillows, paintings, lampshades, and rugs will do just fine with this role. The main rule is to make a harmonious interior and not go too far with bright accents. Most often used items are single, red, green and green.

Scandinavian-style interior lighting

Due to the short daylight hours in the northern countries, a large number of various chandeliers, sconces, lamps and floor lamps are used for lighting. The more additional lighting items - the better.

The Scandinavian style of interior is suitable for those who appreciate homeliness and warmth, who do not like major changes, but nevertheless want to refresh the interior of their apartment. But those who want to live in spacious, bright rooms, choosing exactly the Scandinavian style, will be very pleased with him.

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