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Scandinavian style in the interior of the hallway

The cold and harsh climate, in which there is little sunlight, contributed to the fact that the Scandinavians began to build their houses, as a refuge - a safe place, where it is always warm and cozy. In such a room it is nice to take time and you always want to return there. Scandinavian houses are almost always made in the same, uniform style and they begin with a hallway, the interior of which should immediately immerse us in the atmosphere of the most northern direction in design. That is why, choosing this style, the design of the corridor should be given special attention.

If you look at the Scandinavian design of the hallway, a photo of which can be found in abundance on the Internet, then it is not difficult to notice one characteristic feature, namely the ubiquitous white color. In such an interior, it is represented almost everywhere: on the walls, ceiling, interior doors, furniture, accessories, and sometimes on the floor. This is no accident and carries with it a completely clear and reasonable goal - to illuminate the space and give it lightness.

It is clear that a completely white hallway will be light and airy, but not very comfortable, too cold and definitely not practical, so you can’t do without certain color additions here. So, for example, for the wall near the front door, which is most exposed to pollution, it is appropriate to choose the gray color of natural stone, using white moldings. As a flooring, you can use a parquet board or, more practical, a moisture-resistant laminate with a pattern under the "tree". Also, one or several elements of bright, saturated colors, such as amaranth, red or purple, will look very harmonious in such an interior. You can complete the composition with the help of wicker elements, for example, the original hanger or a special type of door trim for the wardrobe. As a result, this combination of natural elements (wood, stone, flowers) will balance the cold white color and give your Scandinavian hallway a little home comfort.

However, while decorating the corridor, one should not forget that moderation and simplicity are also extremely important elements of the Scandinavian style. There is no room for unnecessary decorations and massive furniture. For example, look at the interior of the hall from IKEA - everything is concise and aesthetically pleasing, but at the same time thought out and, most importantly, functional. Each element should carry a practical function, while having a simple, minimalist, but pleasing to the eye design. This, perhaps, is the secret of the popularity of the Scandinavian style, and not only in Northern Europe, but also practically around the world.

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