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Skimmer for a pond: characteristics and purpose

The advantage of any natural reservoir is that you do not need to monitor the development of the ecosystem and maintain it. But, unfortunately, such ponds in summer cottages and suburban areas are very rare, as a result of which homeowners, in a desire to decorate their own garden with water surface, resort to the construction of a pond that needs care and a special cleaning system.

Cleaning for the pond is a major part of all the work of caring for it. It is very important to choose the right system for a particular reservoir, which will ensure the purification of water from dirt and mechanical debris from the surface and thickness of the aquatic environment. For these purposes, they use special pumps and filters that help maintain a clean and optimal microclimate in the pond.

Filters are divided into several types depending on the method of action on the problem: skimmer, submersible, UV filter, surface. The list of species can be continued since there are modifications and combinations of different functions. The principle of operation of all filters has remained unchanged since the beginning of the last century: the absorption and disinfection of water. In our article today, we propose to consider in detail the principle of operation and features of the surface filter - skimmer.

Skimmer for a pond is an autonomous solution for cleaning a reservoir of fallen leaves, silt, plastic, glass, and waste products of residents of a reservoir. He successfully solves both problems with garbage, quickly clearing the pond from it, and with the "flowering of water" - the main problem of all artificial reservoirs, which arises due to the excessive activity of blue-green and filamentous algae. The device, which in its design resembles a floating vacuum cleaner, sucks all dirt, sludge and algae from the surface of the water using the built-in pump in an autonomous mode, as a result of which, while sitting in the garden, you can enjoy a pond with a crystal clear surface.

To date, there are many models of this device, which vary depending on the purpose, functions and equipment: UV skimmer, surface, biological, universal, floating skimmer for the pond. The difference between the species is insignificant. So, a mechanical skimmer collects garbage, leaves, twigs. The floating filter combines different types of cleaning. UV skimmer with the help of ultraviolet radiation disinfects water from harmful microorganisms. The surface skimmer helps to remove small particles on the surface of the water, prevents the accumulation of debris on the bottom of the reservoir.

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