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Skinal for the kitchen: stylish solutions

A few years ago, the choice of materials for decorating a wall section above work surfaces - in other words, a kitchen apron, was rather scarce, and homeowners could only choose ceramic tiles, wallpaper or ordinary paint. Today, there are much more options - these are MDF wall panels, and mosaics, and decorative plaster, and metal panels. But, perhaps, the most spectacular and at the same time practical material for finishing the working panel of the kitchen is the skin.

This finishing material is a panel made of impact-resistant glass with a pattern or photograph applied to it. You can decorate with a glass panel (skinned) not only the free part of the kitchen wall, but also the facade of the kitchen set - it looks very unusual, stylish, and most importantly - exclusive. Which skinheads to choose for the kitchen - this, of course, depends on the overall interior design of the room and on the preferences of the owner of the home, and since glass panels can be very diverse, there can be many options for designing the working wall in the kitchen.

I must say that when choosing images on the skin there are no technical limitations at all. Sunrises and sunsets, pictures of the underwater world and animals, still lifes, landscapes, people, you can use a laconic set of patterns and lines, or you can throw off a plain color - that is, the image can be anything and you can put anything on the panel that you can imagine. The possibility of complete individualization of any color and shape is a unique property of the skin, so you can achieve just the perfect combination with the overall interior design and its individual elements. A lot of people, at least once having seen how amazingly beautiful a wall decorated with a glass panel looks, do not hesitate in the least, prefer this finishing material.

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