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DIY log house construction technology

The construction of a log house involves the use of various technologies. A log house can be built from chopped logs (planed manually) or from a log house rounded on a special machine.

A log house can be built from chopped logs or from a log house rounded on a special machine.

Rules for choosing wood

For the construction of a wooden house with their own hands, various technologies are used. Modern construction methods allow you to process the log house to the desired shape, cutting a groove in the logs for subsequent fixing into the crowns. Each size is verified with an accuracy of 1 mm. Building a house (using this technique) is presented as an assembly of a constructor. When carrying out such work, you will need to make a drawing.

If the house is being built from logs, then the bark and upper layers, including sapwood, are first removed. The next stage involves the processing of wood with special impregnations. The diameter of each element should be more than 300 mm. The project, on the basis of which the construction of a log house is carried out, can be bought ready-made or completed independently.

Assembly diagram of a log house made of logs.

The price of such a building depends on the following criteria:

  • number of storeys;
  • material;
  • design complexity.

The walls of the object can adjoin each other at different angles. This is due to the fact that in the logs you can cut the bowl of the desired shape. Builders distinguish 2 methods of building a house:

  • logging at the construction site;
  • assembly of the building according to the drawing using pre-prepared logged wood.

The 1st method is characterized by the use of a forest of natural humidity. When choosing a material, its density is taken into account. Logs should have a yellow or dark yellow surface. The cut should be smooth and dense, without tar pockets. A crack in the wood can have a depth of no more than 1/3 of the cut.

Preparatory work

For the independent construction of a log house you will need to buy beams, rafters, logs, roofing material, tape measure, level, buckets, boards, screws, a screwdriver. Then a plot is prepared for the future structure. Wood should be stored under a canopy. Since the erected building has low weight, it will require a shallow foundation to be built. For these purposes, experts advise pouring the pile-tape base, slab, pile or buried tape design.

Scheme of the foundation for a log house.

To equip the pile and strip foundation, you will need to mark the site. Then the top layer of the earth is removed. A recess of 30 cm depth is made to the width of the structure. Wells with a diameter of 180 mm and a depth of 150 cm are arranged along the perimeter of the building. A layer of rubble and sand is poured into each well. From the reinforcement, a frame is prepared, which is lowered into the well. The next step involves filling the pit with concrete. A vibrator is used for ramming.

For the arrangement of formwork, boards are used. The structure is mounted above the ground level so that it protrudes 50-60 cm. For the tape base, you will need to weld the frame, which is connected with the reinforcement sticking out of the wells. The next step involves filling the base. If the foundation has hardened, then it is waterproofed. To do this, you need to lay on the surface of the roofing material (3-4 layers), additionally coating the material with mastic.

Walling Rules

The mortgage (1st) crown cannot be mounted on the base of the log house. Preliminarily, a board is laid on the foundation (from linden). For this, a beam can be used, the thickness of which varies between 50-100 mm, and a width of not more than 150 mm. The next stage involves the assembly of the log house.

The scheme of the erection of walls made of logs: I - cutting the cup down; II - chopping with the cup up; III - the correct stacking of logs with a cup; IV - the angle of the log house; 1 - processed log; 2 - groove; 3 - a cup; 4 - residue; 5 - dowel (spike).

Initially, logs (1-2 pcs.) Are laid on opposite walls of the base (parallel to each other). Each log house has a factory longitudinal and castle corner connection. The next stage involves laying the forest on the other 2 sides. Top put insulation. The groove and recess of the bowl are filled with moss, tow, jute and other material for caulking. The insulation is laid so that it hangs on all sides by 5-6 cm. A construction stapler is used to fix it. Since the jute tape completely covers the groove, and in the bowl passes in the middle, in the last element the material is set in 2 segments. The recess is filled with insulation.

2 logs are mounted on the transverse sides of the foundation. They rely on a mortgage crown. An angle of 90 degrees must be observed between the wood. Builders are advised to regularly monitor their horizontality. The remaining crowns are installed in a similar manner. Some modern technologies for the construction of a log house include the use of pins (for fixing crowns).

The elements under consideration are presented in the form of wooden battens made of solid wood. In each log you need to make a hole into which the dowel is inserted. The remaining 2 crowns are not fixed (for shrinkage). In factory logs, holes are provided under the door and window openings.

Roof installation

Installation of windows in a log house.

The next step involves the installation of a roof. Beams and rafters are included. The last elements are mounted on the logs of the upper crown. If desired, pre-stack the Mauerlat. If the project has a porch, then shrink compensators are inserted into the supporting blockhouse (vertical arrangement). To prevent distortion of the structure, each vertical log is equipped with the last elements.

To connect the ridge analogues, metal studs are used. Rafters are mounted in increments of 600 mm. For this, a beam with a section of 50x200 mm will be required. To fix the structure, sliding supports are used to the last crown. A waterproofing material is laid on top. When installing the crate, a step is observed, which depends on the type of roofing material used. The next step involves installing the roof.

Upon completion of the installation of the roof, it will be necessary to caulk the insulation. This will require a special tool. The material is wrapped 5-6 cm down, pushing through the cracks between the crowns. In this state, the house is left for a year (for shrinkage). After the specified time, the caulking process is repeated. Formed cracks close up with jute or hemp.

Installation of the roof of a log house.

Some builders recommend caulking the building after its annual operation. An important point in the construction of a log house is the installation of doors and windows. Partitions and openings are mounted one year after the construction of the building. Pre-put casing with special fasteners. Windows and doors are inserted into the resulting structure. Since wood tends to expand and shrink, the process under consideration takes a long period of time.

The construction of the floor of a log house provides for inserting a lag into a mortgage or a subsequent crown. The last elements must be securely fastened. The crown must be well ventilated. Experts recommend installing the flooring on the logs of the upper crown. At this stage, various communications are being installed, including the heating system, baseboards, and plumbing.

If the construction of the house is made of logs of insufficient length, then their joining is allowed.

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