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Garden bathroom

Continuing the theme of interesting design decisions and ideas, we present to your attention an original bathroom project located in the heart of the tropical garden. Such a decision, for sure, will appeal to all lovers of nature.

The idea to put a luxurious bathroom in the garden belongs to the well-known Western designers James Wong and David Kubero. They decided in the center of the garden to build a free-standing pavilion of wood and glass, in which a completely traditional bathroom is equipped.

The appearance and location of the pavilion ideally matches the style of the garden, inside also “external” design elements are used - these are walls lined with wood and stone tiles, the floor is tiled with stone pebbles, and the sanitary ware and ceramics are selected in such a way that they combine a modern elegant style, which Perfectly suits the "natural" environment of the garden.

The bathroom is surrounded by lush vegetation and is a magnificent island in the middle of a decorative pond. The idea is really very interesting, it allows you to combine relaxing in the garden and the pleasure of getting a bath. The only thing is, if you also decide on such an experiment, then do not forget to set a high fence on the site in order to avoid unnecessary curiosity among the neighbors.

Watch the video: Beautiful Tropical Bathroom Ideas (December 2019).