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We choose curtains in the nursery for the girl

Faced with the problem of choosing curtains for the girl’s room, many parents give preference to elegant textiles with a share of fabulousness and romance, because the nursery is a real fantasy world for a child where he dreams, plays and does homework. Therefore, it is very important to create a truly comfortable interior in this room, it does not matter whether a little girl or teenager will live in it. In the photo examples, you can see that successfully selected curtains can amazingly transform the design of the room, becoming its highlight.

Curtains for a nursery

Criterias of choice

Of course, in the nursery of the room for a little girl, it is best to pick up curtains of calm, delicate shades. If you are the parents of a teenager, then brighter textiles, possibly with thematic patterns, will be appropriate. In this case, it is best for you to be guided by the tastes and hobbies of the girl, in addition, the joint design of the nursery can become an exciting family pastime.

When choosing curtains, several aspects should be considered in detail:

  • safety for the child - the eaves and fastening of curtains should be reliable and strong;
  • functionality and practicality, because if a small child lives in the room, it is possible to wash the curtains quite often;
  • the color scheme and pattern should correspond to the overall interior design;
  • the fabric from which the curtains are sewn should be pleasant to the touch and best of all natural.

It is also worth considering the design of the interior of the nursery. If there are a lot of bright accents in the room, it is advisable to choose plain curtains. If the wall decoration and furniture are designed in a calm and discreet color palette, bright curtains will be able to make a drop of fun and carefree into the interior. Design options for children with various types of curtains are presented in the photo selection.


Such fabrics as cotton-containing taffeta, organza or cotton are best suited for decorating a window opening in a girl’s children's room. These materials are easy to maintain and environmentally friendly, which meets the most important criterion - child safety. In addition, it makes sense to choose a fabric that will not be afraid of frequent washing and ironing and will retain its appearance for a long time.


Of course, curtains are an important element in the design of a child’s room, so before choosing any option, you need to consider many factors, such as the location of the window opening and indoor lighting. The design of the curtains will depend on the style of the nursery. Little girls usually like fairy princess-style interiors. So, in such a romantic room, curtains of delicate shades with floral prints, possibly with images of fairy-tale creatures: unicorns or fairies, would be appropriate.

Teenage girls usually have different views; they prefer more “adult” and stylish interiors. Here you can show your imagination and instead of traditional curtains use, for example, pleated blinds, Roman or spectacular filament curtains. If you still prefer the classic version, then use materials with interesting abstract drawings, metal threads, etc.

It is worth noting that the choice of curtains in the nursery for a girl is a rather difficult task, especially when it comes to a teenage child. It is important to listen to the opinion of your child, and in case of disagreement, try to find a good compromise.

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