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Front door sill height: installation of wooden and concrete sills

What should be the height of the threshold of the front door? What are thresholds for? These ancient structures provide sound and thermal insulation, creating a good seal. If you feel a cold stream of air from the inlet in the wall, then the threshold may have worn out. In this case, you can install it yourself.

Setting the threshold increases the soundproofing and heat-insulating properties of the front door, creating airtight structures when closed.

The threshold height of the front door should be no more than 30 mm. Width depends on the material of which it is made.

What are the thresholds?

The threshold should be in harmony with the front door and match the material of the door frame. If the door is made of metal, then the threshold should also be of metal. So it is with wood or plastic. In construction, there are instructions on how to install each of them.

The metal door threshold is the most reliable in its operational properties.

When installing the beam on the floor, it must be taken into account that wood and plastic have a low degree of strength. After a short period of time, products made of such material will quickly wear out. If the door is wooden, then the threshold is best set from oak.

The most reliable material is metal. But sometimes, during installation, specialists leave large gaps between the threshold and the floor of the house, which requires careful sealing with sealants.

The beam on the floor can be installed in concrete or brick. Typically, such thresholds are set at the entrance to a large, public building or in country cottages.

Installation of concrete door sill

If you decide to install a concrete ledge, then first you need to prepare the surface, install the formwork.

Materials and tools:

  • cement;
  • primer;
  • boards;
  • a special mixture for mixing the solution;
  • electric hammer;
  • putty knife.

Concrete mix is ​​poured into the prepared formwork and carefully leveled.

The first step to be taken is to clean the place under the threshold of dust and other debris. Remains from the old structure must be removed. Seal cracks formed with cement mortar. After that, the entire surface should be treated with a primer.

The formwork is installed from the boards. It should be the right size. It should be noted that the height of the threshold should correspond to the door, otherwise it will not fit snugly.

The solution is prepared from special mixtures intended for construction work of this kind. Follow the instructions for use exactly. Do not exceed the dose of water when mixing the solution. Pour the finished mixture into the formwork immediately, as prepared. Then it is leveled to a smooth surface.

For several days, it is important to moisten the installed sill with water so that it does not crack and is durable.

Installation of a wooden threshold for the door

The wooden threshold can be an element of the door frame, in which case it can be restored or replaced.

Installation of the wooden vestibule is quick, so changing or repairing it is not difficult. If small irregularities have formed on it, then it is enough to polish it, cover it with varnish or paint to match the color of the front door.

Materials and tools:

  • wood boards;
  • scrap;
  • hacksaw;
  • saw;
  • a vacuum cleaner;
  • nails
  • drill;
  • paint;
  • varnish.

Before replacing, the old threshold must be dismantled. If the threshold does not protrude above the floor, then its removal is carried out using the lever. Take a crowbar and hammer one end of it under the threshold, and then click on the other end.

The threshold, which rises above the floor, before removing, free from nails and hammer out. If it is impossible to knock out the whole immediately, cut it with a hacksaw into several parts and then remove it.

Before mounting the wooden threshold, make sure that the front door is snug against it.

Dry garbage collected with a vacuum cleaner. And the surface itself is recommended to be wiped with a rag. You can make a threshold yourself or buy a ready one. If it is larger in size than necessary, then part can be sawed off. You can fix the wooden structure with ordinary nails.

To prevent cracks from hammering, drill holes of the required diameter. Before proceeding with installation, check how the front door closes. If it adheres well to the protrusion, opens and closes freely, then you can proceed with the installation. To complete the work, paint or varnish.

You can lining the threshold with the coating that is in the hallway. If there is tile in the corridor, then the threshold can also be tiled. This finish looks beautiful, and the repair will look like completeness.

Any gaps that form during such work must be plastered. Once the mortar has set, apply silicone putty. This will block the cracking from vibration.

Wood is not a durable material. Therefore, for such a design, it is better to choose durable wood. If you yourself make a threshold, then use oak, ash, beech, larch. Using a chisel, use a chisel to form a threshold with a height of no more than 30 mm.

When buying a finished wood product, do not save on quality by purchasing a cheap option. It can be made from soft rocks. And this will lead to rapid wear and damage under loads.

In order for the wooden thresholds to last longer, you need to carefully process them so that moisture does not penetrate the cracks when washing floors.

Metal sills are usually installed in stainless steel, aluminum or brass. If a metal door is mounted, then it is immediately equipped with the same threshold, which simplifies the task.

What is a lifting threshold?

The design of such a threshold allows you to raise it when opening the door and lower it when closing. It is convenient in those houses where children or elderly people with disabilities live.

When the door is closed, a special button is triggered and the threshold automatically lowers to the floor.

The cost of such a threshold is low, and it is easy to dismantle when replacing. He is able to last about 20 years. It is installed in the groove, which is cut in the end of the door from the bottom. Inside the aluminum profile is a rubber seal. When opening and closing the door, a spring mechanism is activated, lowering and raising the protrusion.

Setting thresholds is a simple process that even a layman can do. It is enough to familiarize yourself with the installation rules and purchase the necessary tools and tools. So you can save time and money. The design will be strong and durable.

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