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Screwdriver Bits

At first glance, a small fragment of a screwdriver, a bit, does not inspire a huge impression, however, it often happens that the money that was bought during the purchase is transformed as a result of a global waste of time, nerve cells and forces during the execution of repair work. The small dimensions of such products create an illusion and do not provide accurate knowledge of the enormous dynamic effects they are exposed to. As a consequence, bits are usually referred to as an inexpensive disposable consumable.

Selection of bits for the screw

How ideally a bit corresponds to a screw, you are able to check for yourself: a bit, is obliged to firmly hold in the screw nest. Even considering the appropriate size, it is still not guaranteed that a decent translation of the rotational movement will be obtained. However, with a strong backlash bit fails significantly faster.

A photo. Existing types of bits for the screwdriver

Despite the fact that you can have an excellent model of the screwdriver, the repair will not bring satisfaction if the purchased bit can not normally stick in the slot of the screw. In this case, when tightening the fasteners, there is an unpleasant noise produced when the working area slips the bits in the slot slots of the screw.

The result of this is depressing, then it makes it hard to unscrew such an attachment - besides this, after a couple of times of use, such a bit becomes smoothly worn out, due to which it is better to throw it out. If the bit slips or scrolls in the grooves of the screw, you first need to make sure that you have correctly picked up the bat.

Do an experiment: insert a bit into one of the screws you are going to work with. If the mount is weak, the bit is almost immediately loosened.

Traditional bit system - screw (Ph)

If we are talking about screws with a cross connection, then there are two mutually exclusive systems. Conventional screws have a standard cross on their base. Naturally, the bit with the name Phillips (Ph) must have one working lobe placed crosswise.

In addition, such a bit, is obliged to fit tightly into the grooves of the screw. The angled edge of the bits must be clearly located in the slots of the screw head. When screwing such screws to a bit, it is necessary to insert exactly along the axis of the screw; if there is a distortion in the process of work, this will significantly increase wear. For slotted screws, bits (Ph) are most often not used, but a standard Phillips screwdriver is used.

Spline shurpy is also permissible to screw up with the help of cordless screwdrivers, but only in cases where the inevitable slippage does not have a significant impact. Do not confuse ordinary cross screws (Phillips, abbreviation Ph) with pozidrayv screws (abbreviation Pz), characterized by special serifs. System Pz, we describe below.

Bits for rotating applications (Pz)

If you have to deal with products with a sufficiently strong structure (strong wood, extruded layer), then naturally the rotational force going from the bits for the screwdriver to the screw will increase. Increased torsional forces are preferably transmitted using a rear axle (Pz) system. In addition to the main blades, this bit possesses additional, smaller dimensions than the main ones.

The shape of the screw also differs by special small slots between the cross grooves themselves. Pozidrayv Pz bits have auxiliary lobes, which are inserted into these slots and increase the power connection. In addition, the angle at which the end of the bit is inserted into the screw socket is different, as a result, the posidrayv screws can be twisted under an inclined angle with a certain angle, and at the same time neither the bit nor the screw itself is deformed.

The system pozidrayv bits much more reliably transmits the rotating force, but here you need to precisely choose your bat to the screw in order to save a long period of its operation.

If you seem to have correctly selected the size and apply the required effort, and the bit slips, then most likely you have acquired a cheap nozzle: relying on the experience of the Testing and Examining Organization (VPA), it can be argued that low-cost bits usually have a weak pairing. And about the strength of the material used in the production of such bits, and say nothing.

Other system bits

There are commercially available, and other systems for transmitting increased rotational force from bits to screw. Do not confuse them with Pz, as they are completely different (for example, Philips square). It is difficult enough to visually distinguish these bits without putting both different systems together, but they are not compatible. A huge contribution to the bit system for screwdrivers was invested by Philips. For a long time, Phillips invented different systems of bits and screws, she owns in particular the popular system of pidding (Pz).

To extend the service life of bits and screws, when creating screw fasteners, carefully follow the chosen bits and screws, whether the type of bits in size and profile is suitable for the screw head. Both properties can most often be found in the form of abbreviations, for example, Pz-2 stands for pozdrayv, caliber 2.
From the above, we can conclude that the most popular screw systems are: screw-drive system, slotted screw.

Screwdriver bit holders

In most cases, the bits need a holder. There are devices equipped with a “locking” design and with a nozzle design, as well as a receiving holder - SDS. The extended bits do not need a holder, they are placed directly in the screwdriver cartridge.

In the supermarket on the packaging can be considered, the desired type and size bits. Usually special holders are used in screw holders for screwdrivers. Thanks to them, the bat and holder can increase the strength of their connection.

The choice of bits for the screwdriver for cost and performance

If you use inexpensive kits, frustration will come pretty quickly. Therefore, it is better to focus on the fact that almost anywhere is not described - the marking material of the nozzle. Since it is largely due to the comfort and speed of work. And buying a cheap tool is like pouring money down the toilet.

In the event that the metal is poorly hardened, and has a poor initial accuracy and profile, it is better not to buy this product. Bits pozidrayv size from one to four in an inexpensive version - the usual garbage. Regarding cost, there is one axiom - inexpensive bits look presentable only before first use.

For a good set, you need to fork out about ten dollars or more, but these bits will serve you faithfully for much longer. You can also buy bits separately costing approximately one and a half dollars for a decent copy. The bits of the highest standard are made of expensive metals - and this, naturally, increases their price. It is really possible to guess a worthy model by the manufacturer’s name on it, as well as by the clearly readable type of bits and its size. Among other things, there is a PVD-coating or diamond insert on the market, which increases the life of the product.

Making a conclusion, once again “walk” on the above. Worthy bits can not have a low price. The use of certain bits for certain screws is mandatory, otherwise the result of the work will not bring you satisfaction, and the bits will become hard to wear out.

Watch the video: Understanding Basic Screw Bit Types (December 2019).