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DIY faucet installation

Replacing the mixer is a task that any man must be able to handle at a critical moment. If there is a need for such work, do not forget to turn off the hot and cold water in order to avoid the formation of a flood in the apartment.

How do I install the mixer myself?

Installing a new mixer is conditionally divided into two stages. First of all, we install the elements that are included in the kit of the mixer itself, the so-called eccentrics, after which we proceed to fasten the mixer to them. The entire design of the mixer is pre-assembled, without the use of gaskets and linen. Make sure that all parts are freely twisted, without the slightest distortion. It may happen that the eccentrics are too short or, conversely, too long, in this case it is better to purchase parts of the right size, and possibly replace the screens of the eccentrics.

They have two sides, one of which is narrow, the other is wide. Flax is wound on a narrow part along the thread. As a sealant, you can use a fluoroplastic thread or a fluoroplastic tape designed for threaded connections.

Be sure to make sure that the flax is wound tightly enough and does not scroll along the thread.

A layer of special paste is applied over the linen winding, you can also use oil paint, as well as silicone sealant.

We attach the eccentric with our hands, then we must make sure that it is moving along the thread, and only then tighten it with a wrench or adjustable wrench, making 4-5 turns. Carefully make sure that the flax moves with the eccentric, otherwise the flax is removed and a new one is applied.

The eccentrics are installed in such a way that the nuts of the mixer can be easily screwed on to them, and the mixer itself should stand without the slightest distortions.

Then, decorative screens are screwed by hands.

If the kit includes paronite gaskets, then before installing the mixer they must be soaked for 5 minutes in cold water. Silicone or rubber gaskets are installed immediately. If gaskets are used, it is not necessary to wind the flax, in case the tap is leaking, simply tighten the nuts with a key, and possibly replace the gaskets.

When attaching the mixer, the nuts must be twisted by hand without applying special forces, then they must be secured with a wrench, tightening alternately, on one or the other, so as not to cause distortion of the gaskets.

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